Dichiarazioni di stile rinnovate: nuovi Set da scrivania e Tappetini contemporanei

Renewed design statements: new contemporary Desk Sets and Mousepads

With the end of 2022, the new style statement of the Eglooh brand took shape, starting with the newest collections of desk sets and the extended range of mouse pads.

IEglooh's 2022 draws to a close in the name of renewal, ready to project new design lines into 2023.

To make a choice of value means knowing when the time is right for an all-round renewal. Backstage over the last few months, between hand pads and desk accessories, Eglooh's image has been reinterpreted, from the logo to the new website: a renovation we had been planning for some time, in order to better tell our future design ideas.

With the beginning of December, the brand's new style statement took shape, featuring brand new collections such as the Desk Sets and an expanded Mouse Pad assortment.

More than just Desk pads: Desk Sets and Mousepads of contemporary inspiration

Desk design expressions have taken a multifunctional turn, thanks to the Desk Sets concept. The craftsmanship that characterises Eglooh products finds a new declination in this ensemble of accessories, designed for every need.

Alongside the desk pads, in fact, it is useful to have a variety of objects designed to keep the worktop tidy and have everything within reach.

Set Scrivania Minerva
Particolare Scrivania Minerva

The stylistic bridge to some of the most popular materials within Eglooh's portfolio is clear in the Minerva Desk Set, which combines a tray, pen holder, document tray and business card holder (only available as part of the set), in a unique bonded leather finish, with soft microfibre inner lining. Its real leather counterpart, with similar shapes but an extra touch of sophistication, is the Atena Set, which comes in a brand new range of colours that have never before been seen in this popular material.

Set Scrivania Moire
Particolare Scrivania Moire

Creativity then led us to think outside the box and outside the manufacturing techniques we were used to, combining the classicism of real leather and bonded leather with the industrial minimalism of metal.

From this inspiration, the Moire Desk Set was born, a group of accessories with valet tray, paper tray, pen holder and business card holder with a matt black steel structure, to which we wanted to apply a bonded leather base inside.

Once again, if you have a penchant for more sophisticated materials, we have come up with the alternative of the Dafne Set, which combines steel with its real leather base and a new Eglooh colour palette.

Mouse Pad Atlante

Still, how to complete a desk if the pads are missing? If it is true that every accessory is fundamental, we know that adequate support for the hands and the smooth running of the mouse deserves a special relevance.

Thanks to some bespoke designs developed over the years, we decided to expand the Mousepad crange with new models, focusing in particular on two shapes that reflect Eglooh's evolving practicality: the circle and the L-shaped profile.

The family expands with the Atlante round Mousepads, made of bonded leather, and Apollo, made of real leather, which have been developed in this harmonious line due to the increasing fluidity of workspaces.

As a reminder, on the other hand, of the practical stability provided by the namesake desk pads, we have designed the L-shaped Mousepads Adamantis, made of real leather, and Talia, made of bonded leather, both seamless and with a characteristic extended rectangular shape, suitable for even the widest desks.

All these new stylistic expressions are the result of continuous refinement, between projects and tailor-made requests, which Eglooh wants to carry on in the new year to come.

What better opportunity to set a new tone for your desk?

Tappetino Mouse Adamantis


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