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Steady and elegant: a professional desk for the medical practice

The desk of a medical practice must convey confidence and expertise: for this reason simplicity and elegance become the guidelines in the choice of the desk pad and accessories.
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Classicism and elegance meet practicality - in a customised desk designed for the most sophisticated professionals.

Choosing the right desk pad and accessories is certainly a challenging path, yet sometimes all it takes are a few tips to perfectly match the desk with a style that suits your personality.

For example, a Medical practice needs to meet both daily requirements and a design with a personal and elegant inspiration.
This is how Eglooh imagines a doctor's desk, between GP offices and private workplaces.

Medicine and Style: stability, confidence and elegance on a desk

Sottomano Talia con impressione personalizzata

Design coherence - communicating stability and confidence with a touch of elegance.
Any context related to healthcare pays special attention to order, cleanliness and objects.

Whether it is a medical clinic or a doctor's office, it is important to convey a sense of reassurance to the patient, as well as the appropriate reliability and expertise: a composite objective, supported by furniture and accessory choices.
Among the white walls, elements in wood and warmer tones make people feel more welcome, putting everyone at ease.

The desk, which is often designed with a generous work surface, accommodates computers and essential tools, including small organizers, a stethoscope and prescriptions to be filled or printed.

Particolare sottomano Talia

Elegant simplicity, in this case, can really be a winning element, with a style well balanced by the practicality and stability of the chosen accessories.

The desk pad Talia, with its completely clean, smooth, seamless lines, is a perfect match for the most refined executive desks. It can also be customised with matching or contrasting metal embossing in various colours.
The resistant internal structure and the distinctive L-shaped profile ensure that this model in regenerated leather remains steady on any type of surface, making it a fundamental ally in the daily activities of a doctor's studio.
With a contrasting pen holder Orfeo and a two-tone Eros case, the set is complete, ready for a day of in-depth studies and specialist consultations.

Astuccio Eros Bicolore

Personality prescriptions for the contemporary studio

Any desk pad can turn into an element with an outstanding character, as well as a fundamental ally in everyday functionality.
From embossing to dimensions and colours, the customisation possibilities of Eglooh models are truly endless.

Explore the features of this timeless accessory and imagine the set for your study desk. With our advice, we will be able to prescribe the right style recommendations for a desk pad that reflects you in everything!

Particolare sottomano Talia


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