Design, colori e accessori: i trend per lo stile del 2023

Design, colours and accessories: the style trends of 2023

The trends of 2023 are already inhabiting every design area and emphasise a blend of 90s minimalism, a sense of permanence, and a strong focus on people and the environment.

To each season, its own predominant styles: the trends of 2023 are already inhabiting every design area, in step with everyday needs.

While it is true that we often live with our chosen interior design for more than one season, at the same time each year has its own trends and fashions that fluctuate between a sense of novelty and some nostalgic throwbacks.
Year 2023 emphasises a blend of 90s minimalism, a sense of permanence, and a strong focus on people and the environment.

Therefore, even the working environment can find new, intriguing nuances to be inspired by: let's explore them together, between interior design and new trends by Eglooh!

Earth and concrete: the power of warm colours and brutalist architecture

Sottomano Hermes Naturale
Particolare cucitura Apollo

Industrial design made of exposed concrete meets nuances and sensations reminiscent of the earth. More and more, new trends are reconciling contrasting streams.
This year, the Brutalist 1950s style - which roughly plays on raw materials and concrete's stiff shapes - merges with the more natural sensations of warm, natural colours in a balanced, minimalist mix.

Floors, concrete walls, brushed finishes and cement tiles characterise the interiors, giving a calming decorative effect in which natural elements such as wood, stone, plants and glass are well incorporated, together with a whole range of sustainable materials.
An unexpectedly warm and cosy industrial aesthetic in which we find earth-coloured nuances, ranging from grey to brick red, from brown to antique pink, including tones between dark green and deep blue.

Basically, what is outdoors becomes indoors, with some long-awaited peaks of eccentric liveliness, such as Pantone's Viva Magenta - a powerful and stimulating hue, which latches on to warm palettes.

Sottomano Adamantis Set Scrivania Atena

The encounter between industrial and natural opens up plenty of possibilities for redefining accessories and workspaces.
It is no coincidence that in the run-up to 2023, office design has sought practical forms that appeal to the timeless craftsmanship of wood and leather.

The stylistic research we wanted to conduct at Eglooh led us to change part of the product palette, expanding the range of models to anticipate these new interior styles.

Sottomano Palladio Mousepad Apollo Portapenne Zefiro

On one side, we find the evergreen accessories, desk pads and mouse pads in bonded leather, such as Hermes and Mercurio, interpreted in timeless natural and dark brown tones, as well as in light beige and dove grey. Accompanying them come valet trays, pen holders, sets in combined and customisable finishes.

On the other, we explore the authenticity of real leather, even further, with desk pads and mouse pads such as Palladio and Adamantis, which in addition to the naturalness of brown and beige meet the boldness of green and blue, refined and minimalist to the right point. A collection that is finally completed with matching sets, thanks to the new Zefiro, Iris and Atena pen holders and valet trays, the Apollo circular mousepad and the complete desk sets.

A set of new trends and perspectives, bringing a fresh approach to interior design and living, be it for day-to-day or work environment.
What inspirations will you be inspired by in 2023?

Svuotatasche Perseo Naturale Portapenne Orfeo Marrone


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