Design da scrivania: 10 must-have tra Cancelleria & Co

Desk design: 10 musthave between Stationery & Co

We have collected 10 Musthave of Design for your Desk, and we will manage to get your smile. Let's find out them together!

We have collected 10 Musthave of Design for your Desk, and we will manage to get your smile. Let's find out them together!

1. The Desk Set to stand out from the crowd

Portapenne in legno

Design for the Desk: Desk Set Click & Buzz by Raul Frollà -

"Click & Buzz" Desk Set designed by Raul Frollà is a combination that manage to get your smile. "Click" and "Buzz" are the sound effects of a camera and a radio, whose shapes are obtained by assembling various wooden elements. Scotch tape holder the first and pen holder the second, both will give a breath of joy to your working station.

2. The Original Table Clock

Orologio Moderno Analogico

Design Accessories for the Office: Tothora Modern Analog Clock -

Keeping time at work is critical, especially if you are forced to monitor your business and respect your deadlines. A glance at the monitor or at the mobile phone screen is certainly enough to know the time, but a design clock is another thing. That of Tothora is modern, analog and not bulky. You could choose it in three colours: white, black and wood.

3. The Super Coloured Handmade Desk Pad (with or without Coordinated Mouse Pad)

Sottomano Palladio Giallo

Design for desk: Valet tray Iris - Pen holder Zefiro - Desk pad Palladio - Mouse Pad Apollo - Eglooh

A little bit of colour never hurts, but without overdoing it. If you're not afraid to be daring, a brightly coloured desk pad like this beautiful yellow one from our Palladio will do just fine. Otherwise, a coloured mouse pad will be that discreet detail that will make you more productive and focused. Yellow is not your colour? There are other shades to discover, you can find them here.

4. The Design Basket for Paper

Essey Bin Bin Cestino per la Carta

Design for Desk: Essey Bin Bin Basket for Paper -

"Bin Bin" is a crumpled basket created by the designer John Brauer for the Danish company Essey. Its peculiarity is that it looks like what it should contain (the paper), a detail that makes it perfect in the studio or in the office. Made of recycled plastic, has received numerous awards for its design (eco-friendly): the Good Design Award 2005 in Japan, the Red Dot Design Award 2007 and the IF-Product Design Award in Germany. You find it in white, black, red and even in brown.

5. Ceramics for a Green Inspiration

Piccoli vasi ceramica

Design Office Accessories: Little vases made of ceramic - Pinterest

We don't all have a green thumb, and it's why the idea of ​​plants and flowers at your desk might not get you excited, but it's scientifically proved that a touch of green at work improves air and mood. If you don't have enough time, the ideal choise are the fat plants to be embedded in small potteries with unusual shapes. Otherwise, you can try with fresh flowers in vases with a particular design.

6. The Signed Stationery

Articoli Ufficio di Design

Design Office Items: Collection Daily Fiction Normann Copenhagen -

The Design Stationery is a real luxury. If you are a lover of these products, you should try the "Daily Fiction" Collection of the Danish brand Normann Copenhagen, created in partnership with the creative studio "Femmes Régionales". It's a line of accessories (notepads, pens, pencils, collectors, scissors, set squares, etc.) very colourful, with different patterns and finishes: to try!

7. The Unconventional Rubber Bands

Elastici Anticonvenzionali

Design for the Desk: Stationery by Nendo -

You will certainly not lose a rubber band like this! It's called "Cubic Rubber-Band" (due to its unusual cubic shape) and it's part of the Stationery Collection "by | n " by Nendo. You can choose it in blue, anthracite or white. But be careful, it can be a source of (pleasant) distractions.

8. The Desk Organizer to Keep Everything In Order

Set Scrivania Atena

Design Office Accessories: Desk set Atena - Eglooh

A desk organizer is a good way to clean up the excess and have always at your reach what you use most: smartphones, pens / pencils, post-it notes, paper clips, business cards, etc. It's one of those office items that you don't immediately think about, but once you've found it, it will be hard to stay without it. On Eglooh you can find different sizes and colours.

9. The Design Lamp to Illuminate with Style

Lampada MicroStick by Karboxx

Design Office Lamps: MicroStick by Karboxx - Eglooh

A table lamp is essential to be able to work and study without straining your eyes or in not optimal light conditions. Choose a design model, like the MicroStick Lamp from the Karboxx Collection. It will give a modern and elegant look to your workstation.

10. The Wall Grill for an Overview

Griglia da Parete

Design for the Desk: Wall Grill - pinterest

There are works that more than others benefit from the use of a bulletin board on which put images, notes and reminders. For many it's called "Mood Board" and is a source of constant inspiration for its business. The classic metal grill with clips is an excellent solution to enrich the space above your desk. In the more elaborate versions it's also equipped with extra spaces for small plants or magazine racks: the choice is yours.

We have come to the end of this roundup of design objects for the desk, which one did you like the most and which less? Do you think of others?


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