Cambia look al tuo desk con un sottomano per scrivania di Eglooh

Change the look of your desk with an Eglooh desk pad

Is the place where you work like your temple? Don't let it fall to ruin! Protect your desk with Eglooh desk pad!

Is the place where you work like your temple? Don't let it fall to ruin! Protect your desk with Eglooh desk pad!

Calliope, Hermes and Adamantis: a desk pad is forever (or nearly)

You're sitting all day at the desk and for this reason we came up with a collection that would meet your needs and make you happy. With an office desk pad scratches and stains will just be a bad memory and that's not all.

You will see that your work station will change his appearance, being much more professional and well organized. Calliope, Hermes and Adamantis will help you renovate your workplace without spending a fortune, and will preserve your desk over time. Let's get to know them better, will you?

Calliope: the stable and fancy desk pad

sottomano da scrivania con rivista aperta

Our Calliope is available in a wide range of colors, which includes delicate shades such as Beige, Gray and Turtledove and other stronger: Tuscan Natural Brown, Black and Red (Bordeaux and Ferrari). The L-shaped forward profile and the solid steel structure provide stability avoiding slippings.

The tailored seams, however, emphasize the craftsmanship, especially in the Deluxe version where they create original contrasts. Entirely produced in Italy, this desk pad made of regenerated leather is very durable and easy to clean: you only need a damp cloth and mild soap. And don't worry about its size: you have three dimensions to choose from: 50x35, 70x50 and 90x60.

Hermes: the perfect desk pad to give as a gift

sottomano beige su scrivania con schermo pc e  fiori

There's always a friend / brother / boyfriend, to who you never know what gift to give? Here, with Hermes you will go without fail, giving a valuable item at a reasonable cost. We are talking, in fact, of a handcrafted desk pad, entirely made in Italy, with tailored seams that enhance the handmade production (matching or contrasting in the Deluxe version).
Also for Hermes, there isn't lack of colors: Beige, Gray, Turtledove, Tuscan Natural Brown, Black and Red (Ferrari and Bordeaux). Its plus is versatility, because it has a simple and essential design that makes it suitable both for classic and modern desks. You could consider it an excellent friend in the restyling of offices, studios and meeting rooms.

Adamantis: the real leather desk pad with a firm soul

sottomano nero in vera pelle

Finally, last but certainly not for style and elegance: Adamantis. The right choice if you're looking for a desk pad without frills; black fits with everything, so adapting it to the work station will be easy.
The precious raw material, together with the handcrafted and Italian manufacture make it a luxury item, able to protect and decorate with style your desk. Ideal for studios, offices but also for reception and meeting rooms. The black Adamantis desk pad is also available in three sizes (50x35, 70x50 and 90x60), in order to meet different needs.

Making your work place more comfortable and fashionable will change your days, giving you an "extra gear" that will make you more focused and productive. Of course, you can complete the refresh with the coordinated pen holders, mouse pads and desk sets. The result will be immediate: try it!

We've presented to you our collection of office desk pads in its different models and colors. There isn't the shade you were looking for? Don't worry, we are updating the Eglooh catalog with new colors.


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