Uno stile organizzato: fai ordine sulla scrivania con accessori di design!

An organized style: tidy up your desk with designer accessories

Designer accessories not only make the workspace more pleasant, they are also designed to help with day-to-day organization.

A cluttered desk where nothing can ever be found: a professional's nightmare! Designer accessories not only make the workspace more pleasant, they are also designed to help with day-to-day organization.

For a long time now, Eglooh has been caring about the practicality and comfort of people who use their desks every day, paying special attention to style and the craftsmanship of Made in Italy. So how can we overlook the challenge of keeping everything in order, from papers and pens to laptops and small objects?

We chose to expand our range of accessories beyond our beloved desk pads to complete the studio and office environment!
A combination of real leather, bonded leather and metal, which we also find in the different elements of the Desk Sets.

Desk organisation at your fingertips: new valet trays, paper trays and pen holders

Sottomano scrivania Talia e set scrivania Moire Beige

A tidiness full of personality.
Between timeless desk pads and mouse pads, some office accessories open up a whole world of creative and yet practical possibilities.

When setting up a workspace, it is necessary to imagine it being challenged by everyday life, with a thousand documents, pens, pencils and much more.
The ultimate organization goal is to succeed, then, in bringing together design aesthetics with efficiently used objects.
The sophisticated minimalism of Eglooh’s world comes into shape, in particular, with two new product categories: valet trays and paper trays, with a dedicated reinterpretation of pen holders as well.

Sottomano scrivania Hermes, portapenne Orfeo, svuotatasche Perseo e Mousepad Atlante

The buzzword behind the concept at the origin of the Valet Trays is a mix of elegance and functionality, a true cornerstone of organization in everyday life.
Suited to find their place on your desk as well as in other office and home environments, these design complements are stylish and handcrafted, ready to accommodate all the small objects scattered in your rooms: keys, watches, coins, cables, earphones, jewelry, makeup, cosmetics and stationery.

The Iris and Perseo tidy designs take shape from a gentle fold of our materials, real leather and bonded leather, respectively. These two designs are each other's complementary alternative, finished with burnished brass rivets in the corners, squared off and facing outward in Iris, rounded around the perimeter in Perseo.

Even more minimalist is the approach of the Minerva, in bonded leather, and Atena Valet Trays, in real leather, with their square shape fitting in perfectly with the corresponding desk sets.

Among the accessories, however, a new material, black finished steel, has made its mark. The Moire and Dafne Valet Trays inherit this new sense of material research, adding a touch of classicism with a bonded leather bottom for Moire, real leather for Dafne.

Sottomano scrivania Adamantis e set scrivania Atena Marrone Naturale
A messy situation that surely needs to be tamed, on a desk surface, comes from paperwork and documents! The concept of Paper Trays undoubtedly stems from this need.
These elements find their place as much in the office as in waiting rooms and reception areas, where they are well suited for collecting magazines, newspapers, letters and bulletins.

Once again, we find the newcomer among Eglooh's finishes, that is, black steel: perfectly matched with the matching valet trays, the Dafne and Moire Paper Trays make their way into professional environments.

Embellished with real leather inner bottoms for Dafne and bonded leather for Moire, their stacking structure is the perfect complement to categorize all the papers scattered on the desk.

The alternative, non-stackable versions of the Paper Trays are found in the Atena models, made of real leather, and Minerva, made of bonded leather. Defined by their own finish on the outside, inside they accommodate a microfiber coating, which gives a pleasant softness.

Finally, for each variant of the Paper and Valet Trays, we find a matching Pen Holder, reimagined according to new finishes and revised materials.

Svuotatasche Iris e Sottomano Scrivania Palladio Nero

Between real leather, bonded leather and steel designs, you can finally have a tidy and functional desk without sacrificing elegance and refinement.
If you want to give your desk a touch of style and organization, let yourself be captured by Eglooh design accessories!

Svuotatasche Iris, Svuotatasche Moire e Vaschetta portadocumenti Atena Blu


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