Come scegliere il sottomano giusto per la tua scrivania

How to choose the right desk pad for your desk

The desk pad is a complement that can give a touch of personality to your desk.
But how do you choose the right one for your needs?

A desk can be recognised by the elements it is composed of, including the most functional tools and the ones that give it a touch of personality.
The deskpad is certainly a design object with specific uses.
But how do you choose the right one for your needs?

When selecting the most suitable desk pad, you have to evaluate several criteria and characteristics, which at Eglooh we know well.
In order to guide the choice, the initial filters to be taken into consideration concern:

  • The shape, choosing between a Flat Desk Pad and an L-shaped Deskpad;
  • The material, with regenerated or hard real leather Desk Pads and soft real leather Desk Pads.

Let's take a closer look at what we are talking about.

Movement flexibility: Flat Desk Pads

Sottomano piano - Mercurio

Flat desk pads are certainly the first thing that comes to mind when we imagine this object: they represent the traditional type we usually find on desks.
The rectangular shape comes in different sizes, with a range of proposals designed for any kind of space, thanks to the flexibility in movement and extreme adaptability.

In this category, Mercurio and Hermes certainly stand out, both with an internal core in technical celluloid material that guarantees the proper degree of solidity, but also featuring an elegant perimeter seam to finish the borders.
The difference between these two models lies precisely in their edges: square for Mercurio, rounded for Hermes.

In the range of flat desk pads we also find Clio, a model characterised by a steel core and a double seam on its left side.
People often ask whether a steel core is recommended or not. While it guarantees a greater sense of rigidity, both in use and to the touch, this does not mean that desk pads with no steel core are not strong enough.
In fact, every design, once placed on the desk, ensures an excellent level of stability, also supported by the fact that Eglooh's desk pads do not roll or bend.

Stability and style: L-shaped desk pads

Sottomano ad L

An unusual shape, that of the L-profile desk pads.
All L-shaped models are characterised by a steel core, which is necessary to ensure the stability dictated by the bending detail.

This category includes several variants, which differ in the style of the perimeter seams, a touch of character for each of them.
Calliope Deskpad is made with a linear perimeter sewing that follows the entire edge, including the L-shaped profile.
Urania Deskpad, on the other hand, has a double row of seams, exclusively on the left side, recalling Clio.
Last but not least, Talia desk pad has a completely clean and smooth line, characterised by the total absence of seams.

Efficient resistance: leather desk pads

Cuoio Rigenerato

The choice of the desk pad also depends on the manufacturing material.
All Eglooh products are available in regenerated leather and hard real leather, two complementary elements.

Hard real leather is obtained from the processing of animal skins, with tanning methods that are different from real leather: the final result is a significantly rigid material.
Regenerated leather, on the other hand, is obtained by recovering scraps, i.e. the residues and surpluses deriving from the processing of leather and skins, which are then combined with cellulose materials.

Both materials are highly resistant to wearing and abrasion, guaranteeing a perfectly smooth and long-lasting surface.
Visually, the difference is not noticeable, even though hard real leather is more valuable and therefore a slightly more expensive raw material.

Timeless elegance: soft real leather desk pads

Vera pelle - Adamantis

Choosing soft real leather means giving desk accessories a unique elegance and timeless prestige.
By using this material as a surface, the desk becomes more refined than leather, while sacrificing a little resistance. Soft real leather is in fact more delicate and is recommended for executive desks, intended for important professional spaces, for which aesthetic requirements prevail over practicality.

Eglooh's soft real leather desk pads include both a flat model and one with an L-shaped profile.
Palladio flat desk pad has square edges and perimeter stitching, a reference to Mercurio.
The L-shaped folded version, Adamantis, on the other hand, follows the characteristics of Talia, creating a pure leather seamless desk pad.
The fine quality of both places them in the premium segment, with a higher than average price level.

Personalisation and professionalism with Eglooh's services

Prodotti su Misura

The decision to choose a desk pad goes together with the professionalism of the Eglooh team.
During the selection process of the design most in line with your needs, you will not only have the possibility to ask for a specialised consultancy, but also to consider the complete customisation of the accessories.
All items, flat or bent, in soft or real leather, can indeed be tailored to the centimetre.

As a standard, the seams (where applied) are coloured to match the desk pads , but it is possible to have a contrasting light blue colour, as in the Deluxe Collection, or other shades, as in the Custom Collection, from white to silver, from yellow to red, from green to dark blue.
Finally, it is possible to personalise your desk pad on request by imprinting lettering, initials and logos, for a product that represents you completely.


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