Angoli di lavoro alternativi: Scrivanie dallo Stile Boho-Hipster

Alternative workspaces: desks with a Boho-Hipster style

Eglooh accessories explore the right way to bring out the Bohemian style in the workspace, with references to the past and elements that are as much Hipster as alternative.

A rather unconventional way of life, between vintage shots, vinyls and carnet de voyage.
The Bohemian counterculture has become increasingly popular among the trends of recent years, in an almost paradoxical manner, with references to the past and elements that are as much Hipster as alternative.

The workspace welcomes the expression of Boho style, bringing it out especially when it comes to adapting corners of the house to create a coherent desk.
Eglooh accessories explore what the right declination of this alternative design might be.

Trends that meet: Boho art, evergreens and design

Scrivania Bohémienne

Bohémienne imagery is the celebration of a culture steeped in the USA between the 1960s and 1970s and inspired by the artistic alternative Parisian neighbourhoods of the late 1800s, a panorama which then transcended the ages.

This convergence of such distant yet incredibly compatible and complementary movements creates a style that stands the test of time and fashion, filling rooms with evergreen textures and objects. Boho style is often combined with the hipster desire to rediscover jazz and bebop music, and an aversion to conformity.

Whoever seeks an aesthetic Boho-Hipster taste knows how important it is to find the right balance between being too much and choosing the most expressive characteristic elements, selected from the various trends and moods.
Among antique furniture elements, plants, music and contemporary art accessories, what kind of place does the workstation find?

Scrivania con sottomano Talia marrone

With all the details of this alternative and trend-conscious counterculture, it is important to find a canvas that brings all the elements together in a natural and classic way.

The brown version of desk pad Talia provides the right framework for such an artistic expression. The stability provided by the strong internal structure and the L-shaped profile make this regenerated leather deskpad the right ally for a design configuration that looks back nostalgically to the mid-20th century, without sacrificing an elegant practicality.

Neutral-coloured accessories are the perfect match: the contrast between the white Orfeo pen holder e and the white-brown combination of Eros allows the users' imagination to run wild. Between a photograph on film and a handwritten letter, they can dream up all the different interpretations of a style that is as expressive as it is unique.

Style snapshots: Personality highlights for alternative spirits

Astuccio Eros bicolore Bianco/Marrone

Who says that alternative styles can't wear contemporary accessories designed for everyday needs?
Eglooh appreciates the uniqueness of each artistic attitude and welcomes its challenges: that's why we can personalise all the elements that will inhabit your desk, with impressions or otherwise.
Any deskpad or case can be part of your Bohemian snapshot, with our creativity!

Abbianamento Talia Marrone ed Astuccio Eros bicolore Bianco/Marrone


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