Organize like a pro: una scrivania sistemata alla Marie Kondo

Organize like a pro: a Konmari style desk setup

The Professional Organisers stand out, in all their personality, in their office, where the folding desk pad by Eglooh is the ideal solution for a tidy desk.

An organising spirit underpins every desk and workspace.
However, those who are particularly attached to planning from a professional point of view can take this approach to its highest level, drawing inspiration from figures who have now entered the collective imagination, such as Marie Kondo and the Konmari style she defined.

It is precisely because of this trend that professional organisers are increasingly emerging as key figures in reorganising the lives of individuals and domestic spaces, as well as companies and business projects.
But there is no Professional Organiser without a desk that keeps up with their pace!

Keeping up with organisation in workspaces

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If there is one place where Organisers can stand out, in all their personality, it is in their office corner, whether in a studio or at home.
Between a notice board, a calendar and all the tools of the trade, managing to find the right balance in terms of space and accessories is fundamental.

Those who organise professionally choose a method that is also reflected in their daily life, with the help of notes, projects with clearly defined milestones, and reminders.
An essential element is represented by a planner, more often made of paper than digital, helping this analogical spirit to collect and visualise all the elements to be organised.

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In this professional organisational context, it is important to know exactly where each document is, with all notes in place and free space on the work surface.

This is where a versatile, foldable and opening element comes into play, namely the desk pad Gemini: a long-awaited addition to the Eglooh collection, it is the right solution for those who want to have everything within easy reach, with papers and files neatly arranged, as easy to find as in a document folder.
Gemini's practical elegance combines a regenerated leather surface on the outside, resistant and reinforced with an aluminium structure, with a high quality internal fabric, making it a multi-purpose accessory.

Get Organised with Eglooh’s Extra Black Week!

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A professionally organised workspace is a dream of many, achieved with patience over time.
What better chance than Black Friday and CyberMonday to start reorganising your ideas and your desk, with Gemini and many other accessories?

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