Il design innanzitutto: spazi di stile, tra tendenze Pantone e scrivanie

All about design: stylish spaces, Pantone trends and desks

Style is the first element to stand out on a desk: the desk pads and accessories by Eglooh focus on care for details and stylistic research.
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Creativity and inventiveness blend in the workspace of a design lover.
Every time you look at a desk, style is the first factor to become apparent. The desk of someone who works with the latest trends, interpreting and even anticipating them, stands out even more.

Between colour palettes, Pantone color of the year, magazines and inspirations, the designer's desk takes the accessories that inhabit it into a new stylistic dimension, with the personality of Eglooh products to accompany it.

Searching for colour and style: design spaces

Spazi di design

The minimalist tidiness of a white desk, the iconic profile of a historical design, a custom-made surface: whatever desk the design lover chooses, it always manages to represent the facets of a professional and style-conscious personality.

The Design enthusiast, as well as the professional Designer, has an eye for detail, with a workstation that also has to provide the most functional tools within easy reach.
Those who sit at this desk will indeed wish to surround themselves with finishing samples, specialised magazines to read through and objects that stimulate the aesthetic sense in everyday life, thereby making every moment creative and intriguing.
This space will make it more natural to concentrate on researching visual strategies and trends, present or future, with the technological support of a laptop.

Mazzetta colore e Sottomano Mercurio

With so much focus on trends, the Pantone Colour of the Year 2022 cannot be missed.
The violet-blue-red hue of Very Peri has already become a must-have in interior design and fashion scenarios, a shade that combines the tranquil depth of blue with the energetic vibrancy of red.
To understand how such a colour can be applied in various design fields is a challenge that anyone working in the industry faces, after the tangible brightness of previous trends.

In order to play freely with different colours, even the more seasonal ones shown during fashion weeks, it is important to have a well-defined base. A total black desk set is the ultimate proposal from Eglooh, along with the timeless versatility of Mercurio desk pad and Orfeo pen holder.

From total black to total colour: define your own trends

Portapenne e Mercurio Nero

The most interesting side of trends is the way they can be interpreted, thanks to each person's style.
Be it simple or personalised, taking a total black approach or becoming a burst of colour, give your desk a new look with an Eglooh set, keeping up with the latest trends.

Pantone 2022


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