Il Fascino del Nero nell'Interior Design: Eleganza Infinita e Black Friday

The Charm of Black in Interior Design: Infinite Elegance and Black Friday

Black has always been associated with luxury and sophistication: it can transform an ordinary workspace into a classy environment, stimulating concentration and inspiration.

In workspaces, every design detail cooperates in creating an environment that inspires productivity and creativity. With this in mind, the colour black presents itself as a bold and sophisticated choice, transforming offices and desks into style icons.

As Black Friday 2023 approaches, Eglooh celebrates the power of black through its "Desk in Black" deals, offering irresistible discounts to discover this finish in all its variations.

 What Black means in Interior Design: a creative and refined versatility

Real Leather Desk Pad Palladio

Black has always been associated with elegance and sophistication, as it creates an atmosphere of timeless luxury.

In interior design, the ultimate dark shade becomes a symbol of professionalism and modernity, with a touch of mystery. Used strategically, black can transform an ordinary workspace into a classy environment, stimulating concentration and inspiration.

Desk Pad Talia and Desk Set Moire

This colour is also suitable for a variety of styles and designs, adapting with versatility to both minimalist interiors and more elaborate spaces. In Eglooh's real leather and bonded leather desk pads and accessories, black is a key element to express personality and taste, giving space for creative potential on the workstation. The finish lends a modern touch without compromising the inherent elegance of the material, creating a perfect synergy between form and function.

Desk Pad Hermes and valet tray Perseo

Black is a colour that finds a perfect fit in a Smart Office, in an era where technology defines the way we work.

Black finishes provide an ideal background for the integration of technological devices and innovative solutions. Cables, screens and technological gadgets blend harmoniously with this aesthetic, creating a timeless, cutting-edge workspace.

Desk Pad Calliope and desk set Minerva

Desk in Black: up to 40% off to celebrate elegance!

For Black Friday 2023, the "Desk in Black" deals are back on Eglooh, a campaign of extraordinary discounts of up to 40% on a selection of products, to give your workspace the utmost elegance and functionality. However, there's still more surprises to come! All products with black finishes are available at special prices, making Black Friday the perfect time to transform your office!

The exclusive Promo is valid until December 3, 2023: celebrate the sophistication of black through the uniqueness of Eglooh products, to transform your daily professional life.

Desk Pad Mercurio and desk set Moire


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