Nuovo Anno, Nuove Forme per la Scrivania: Nuovi Prodotti Eglooh per il tuo spazio di lavoro del 2024!

New Year, New Styles for your Desk: New Eglooh Products for your workspace in 2024!

We are excited to introduce a preview of new products to our leather desk set collections: desk pads with new shapes and accessories with revised design.

Ready to imagine a future desk!

The arrival of 2024 brings with it a wave of news for Eglooh and we are excited to unveil a preview of the fresh additions to our bonded leather and real leather collections of designer accessories.

Amidst Christmas packages and winter promotions, there are several new items coming in mid-January 2024, which we look forward to presenting to you.

Atlante transforms: the round essence of Elegance

New Desk Pads Atlante

The round style of Atlante, until now only available as a Mousepad, takes on new dimensions! Prepare to be enchanted by its new versions, suitable as table centrepieces or as small circular desk pads. Functionally and aesthetically, this design challenges the classic concept of the desk pad, with its roundness ready to transform your workspace.

Venere and Afrodite, a Beauty with Oval Charm

New Desk Pads Venere and Afrodite

As is our tradition, the names from Greek-Roman mythology reveal certain features of Eglooh's selection. Venere (bonded leather) and Aphrodite (real leather) are two new designs of oval shape, so far only possible in customisations, and embody the refinement of luxury. Both can be imagined as centrepieces in meeting rooms, or as desk pads that break the canonical rules, to transform the desk into a stage of style.

Ulisse and Achille, a design Journey

New Desk Pads Ulisse and Achille

As in the epic narratives, Ulisse and Achille lead a journey between elegance and practicality in their unusual circular arc shape. The bonded leather of Ulisse and the real leather of Achille create a dynamic design that lends a touch of class to your working environment.

Diana and Luna, a half-moon that illuminates the desk

New Desk Pads Diana and Luna

Diana, made of bonded leather, and Luna, made of real leather, are two new entries that bring a touch of mystery to the Eglooh collection. Their original and creative half-moon shape gives your desk an enveloping and fascinating atmosphere, imagining new perspectives also thanks to the right choice of finishes.

Minerva and Atena Desk sets: An Irresistible and Cosy Revival

New Leather Desk Set Atena

Could we imagine a new perspective for our collection and leave aside the Desk Set accessories?

The Minerva and Atena families expand their potential, renewing themselves with revisited essential accessories. In addition to the Desk Sets featured so far, there is a new size for the Valet Tray, a Tray with matching lid, a small Pen Tray, a fancy Post-it holder and a Tissue holder. With these new arrivals, you will be able to create your ideal set, also suitable for spaces such as reception and front office, thanks to the way the individual items have been designed.

From new arrivals to classics, a special end-of-year promo!

In anticipation of all these novelties, we end 2023 on a special note: a winter promotion!

Until 17 December 2023, you can grab exclusive Eglooh items at irresistible prices, especially in the run-up to Christmas. Choose uniqueness and transform your workspace in style.

2024 will be a year of revolution for Eglooh, where design meets new horizons. Keep your desk ahead of the times and get ready to experience the essence of luxury and innovation!

New Desk Se tMinerva


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