Tra biciclette e dettagli in cuoio: gli accessori per la scrivania Eglooh al BRN Village

Bicycles and leather details: Eglooh desk accessories at BRN Village

BRN, a leading company in the distribution of components for bikes and MTBs, has chosen the accessories by Eglooh for its cycling thematic park.

When it comes to design, collaboration between different entities can lead to surprising results, especially if you work with similar materials. This is exactly what happened in the project that Eglooh curated for BRN, a bike design company that produces handcrafted bicycle components.

Thanks to this encounter, we find a series of unique desk accessories among the office and meeting room spaces in the BRN Village, a new hub and theme park tailor-made for cyclists.

BRN, cycling passion and innovation meets bonded leather design

BRN Village - Forlimpopoli

BRN is a well-known name among cycling enthusiasts and further afield.

The company is renowned for its commitment to creating unique and innovative bicycle parts, as well as handcrafting high-quality equipment. In addition to this, BRN recently opened the BRN Village, a theme park and hub for cyclists in Forlimpopoli. This space has become a reference point for two-wheel lovers and an ideal place for cyclists, enthusiasts and professionals to meet.

Pen Pot Atena
Pen Pot Atena

In this innovative and fascinating context, desk design elements from the Eglooh collections have made their way into a project designed for the offices and work areas inside the BRN Village.
The inspiration for the accessories selection is the main material they are made of: bonded leather.
If we immerse ourselves in the world of cycling and the BRN assortment, we find in fact many components that highlight parts and details in bonded leather and synthetic leather, recalling the craftsmanship style and historicity of the brand.

What better inspiration to enrich the professional environments of this company?
Among the design accessories, the Minerva desk set in dove-grey stands out, complete with document tray, business card holder and pen holder - the latter also in anthracite. Each piece is made from the highest quality bonded leather from a traced supply chain, a smooth to the touch finish that lends a touch of elegance and style to any desk.

Mouse Pad Mercurio
Valet tray Atena

The additional design element that makes the office ensemble at BRN Village complete is our Mercurio mousepad, also made of the highest quality and most durable bonded leather. This design element not only enhances the working experience and ergonomics with an optimal mouse grip and comfortable working area, but also provides a luxurious contrast to the desk surfaces.

All accessories find their fluid place within BRN's spaces, between shelves, meeting rooms and offices, for a balanced blend of efficiency, multi-use and style.

Paper tray Atena
Paper tray Atena

The collaboration between Eglooh and BRN is yet another example of how design and passion for craftsmanship can converge in surprising ways and styles, highlighting the company's identity and history.

Eglooh's classy touch and the innovative professional environment of the BRN Village create an ideal atmosphere for a company that pedals to the rhythm of handcrafted products. Between cycling passion and the future, the cycling world can thus meet leather in a new design dimension.

How would you interpret your identity through Eglooh desk design accessories?

BRN Meeting room


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