Come creare una postazione di lavoro davvero smart: tra tecnologia e accessori di lusso

How to create a truly smart workstation: mixing technology and luxury accessories

The desk is the hub of productivity and creativity: discover how to create a truly smart workstation with the accessories by Eglooh.
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We are experiencing an unprecedented revolution in the working world, with a growing number of companies offering a combination of office and remote working, along with professionals dedicated to full smartworking. At the same time, offices are also changing accordingly, welcoming ever more high-tech elements.

In such an environment, the desk becomes the hub of productivity and creativity. To make the most of your workspace, discover how to create a truly smart workstation in just a few steps by combining advanced technological elements and the exclusive products by Eglooh!

#1 - Ultrawide Monitor & Docking Station

Monitor Ultrawide and Docking Station

An ultra-wide monitor is the extra surface that will help you visualise and better manage multiple tasks, expanding the production potential you would have with just a laptop or a single screen.

In addition, a docking station, a hardware platform for your laptop, makes it easy to connect external drivers and screens. With just one cable, it will quickly transform your desk into a truly efficient workstation.

#2 - Smart lighting

Desk with a wooden lamp

Light is key to maintaining concentration and minimising eye fatigue. Choose a desk lamp with adjustable lighting that is compatible with home automation systems (like Google or Alexa).

You can control it with your voice or by app, adapting it to your needs during the working day and programming it accordingly. There are many solutions that combine functionality with a unique design.

#3 - Hi-tech Ergonomics

Ergonomic Chair

Since we spend long hours sitting at our desks, investing in an ergonomic chair becomes essential for our health. Many chairs and seats are equipped with electronic adjustments that control the seat and headrest to the millimetre, to prevent pain and tension.

Some designs also incorporate posture and vibration sensors that periodically remind us to keep a correct sitting position.

#4 - Advanced cable management

Advanced cable management

Poorly managed and inaccessible cables can be confusing and distracting on a desk, as well as being a voltage hazard.

Use smart cable holders or cable loops to hide cables neatly, without creating a tangled situation. Many devices also include built-in wireless charging, USB and USB-C ports to simplify connectivity among all your devices.

#5 - Organisation and Customised style

Pink Desk Set Minerva

The foundation of a smart workstation is, essentially, organisation. Customising the smart workstation is therefore a matter of style and right accessories.

Eglooh's desk sets, made of premium materials such as real leather, bonded leather and metal, add a touch of luxury and style to your desk, mirroring your personality while organising your daily items with pen holders, valet trays, paper trays and card holders.

Add touch screens, high-quality wireless keyboard and mouse, and a wireless charger for your smartphone to complete your professional equipment.

Pink Desk Pad Adamantis

Working smart means being able to integrate technological elements with well-designed accessories. Here, Eglooh collections combine elegance and functionality nicely, ensuring an efficient and fascinating desk.

Therefore, invest in your workstation to cultivate your productivity and well-being with smart elements, routine organisation and the right balance of technology and design.


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