Al ritmo delle tendenze: Nuove finiture in arrivo per gli accessori Eglooh!

Keeping up with trends: New upcoming finishes for Eglooh accessories!

Eglooh enriches the leather range with new fresh and bold finishes: light brown, powder pink, sage green, teal blue, ice blue.

A new trendy return to the workplace. Among fresh palettes and lively designs, Eglooh has drawn inspiration from the 2023-24 colours to further enrich the range of finishes of its Real Leather and Bonded Leather collections.

As we get busy and back to office, resuming our full workload in September, there are plenty of novelties buzzing behind the scenes of Eglooh production.
The first news to arrive in our store will be particularly colourful: at the beginning of the month, 5 new finishes dedicated to Real Leather products and 1 new shade for Bonded Leather will arrive.
Six nuances to discover, each with its own distinct identity.

Fresh, bold colours: six new variants for desk pads and accessories

New Adamantis Light Brown
New desk set Atena Pink

A set of hues enriching the colour spectrum made by Eglooh. The new finishes add even more character to deskpads, sets and desk accessories, completing the range of colours where most needed and desired.

Starting with Real leather, the first colour we decided to explore is light brown. Neutral, versatile and minimalist, it is a more lively shade than our natural brown and dark brown options. Sober and elegant, reassuring and authentic, it recalls natural sensations, with an extra touch of brightness.

Next, we completely embrace one of the autumn-winter 2023 trends, with the arrival of the powder pink shade. This pastel hue might be less bright than the “Barbie pink” colour that dominated this summer, but it certainly has just as much attitude, with its casual chic spirit and bubbly character.

New Iris and new Palladio blue
New Palladio ice blue

An unusual yet extraordinarily sophisticated association with pink comes with the third finish, teal blue. This combination of blue and green has made its way into furniture and design, balancing the finest wooden interiors with its timeless appeal. Strong and dominant, it is a choice that certainly stands out on any desk. 

Much lighter is the attitude of the fourth colour, ice blue. This cold shade, poised between winter and spring, stands out for its visual purity. Its contemporary elegance, soft and serene, recalls the freshness of glacial landscapes and mountain waters, with an intrinsic tranquillity that balances the hectic pace of work.

New mouse pad Apollo sage green
New valet tray Perseo green

The fifth finish dedicated to real leather rediscovers sage green. The subtle elegance of this shade immediately brings to mind boho-chic spaces, for a discreet and harmonious vital freshness. The spontaneous connection with nature conveys a unique sense of balance, making it a versatile shade for alternative designs.

Let us stay in the realm of green shades, with a new addition dedicated to Bonded leather. From the real leather selection here comes the green finish, intense and distinctive, professional and enveloping. This colour finish evokes a sense of mystery and richness, bringing an atmosphere of depth and intimacy to your workspace.

Light brown, powder pink, teal blue, ice blue, sage green or green: what will be your go-to colour this autumn?

In September, let yourself be tempted by the new shades by Eglooh!

New desk set Minerva and desk pad Calliope green


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