Speciale Home Office: i 7 must-have dell’ufficio in casa

Home Office Special: The 7 must-haves of the home office

More and more professionals are choosing to economise and work from home: are you one of them? Then don't miss our tips on how to furnish a home office!
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More and more professionals are choosing to economise and work from home, are you one of them? Then don't miss our tips on how to furnish a home office! Continue reading and discover your home office must-haves.

1. A desk at the right height and the right size

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How can you work without one? Whether it's a reclining shelf or a makeshift desk, the important thing is that it has the right height in relation to the seat. To calculate the ergonomics of your workstation, simply go to this website and fill out a short survey. The size of the worktop will depend on its use. If there is plenty of space, deciding what to have on hand will not be a problem, but if you are struggling with centimetres, the advice is to locate printers, scanners & co. elsewhere.

2. A comfortable seat
An ergonomic chair is the ideal solution if you spend a large part of the day at your desk. There are various models on the market, from classic office chairs to modern, designer models. A dynamic seat counters the risks of sedentariness but costs slightly more than average. So here are two cheaper alternatives: the classic exercise ball (the big one used in Pilates, for example) or the ergonomic back and lumbar cushion to apply directly to the chair.

3. Bookcase and/or shelves

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All right: paper is disappearing, there is too much paperwork and books attract dust, but the charm of shelves and bookcases is timeless. You too will have walked into a study for the first time and glanced furtively at the books in plain sight, so watch out for the titles you put on display! If your business doesn't involve home visits, a bookshelf will serve as a place to store what you often consult or storage boxes in which to keep documents and stationery.

4. A drawer unit to control the chaos
If the space at your workstation is minimal, we recommend choosing one or more drawer units with wheels so that you can move them around if necessary. If you haven't already done so, you will soon discover that physical drawers align perfectly with your mental drawers, so you will always know where to look for what and especially where to find it.

5. Desk accessories: the magic trio of homeworkers

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Do you spend most of your working day in front of a monitor? Well, let's assume that you are already a frequent user of 'artificial tears' and that your lenses are glare-proof! Apart from these: a desk pad, a computer stand (if it's a laptop) and an ergonomic mouse pad will save your wallet, neck and tendons! The first will safeguard your precious work surface, while the other two will make you feel more comfortable and safe.

6. An object that makes you smile
Working from home can be a blessing in some ways and also a curse in others. It will happen that your working day seems endless and you won't have a desk partner to throw paper bullets at or to have a coffee with at the machine during your break (assuming there is one). That's why it's important to pamper yourself a little with some original and fun-designed accessories. A pen holder with a big nose for storing glasses, a basket for paper in the shape of a basket or a small, colourful accessory if your work is too serious to be daring will do.

7. A rich but tidy wall

parete attrezzataPinterest - Home Office Desk Setup

Not everyone is lucky enough to work with a view and if a desk under a window remains a privilege for a few, everyone else almost always has to accept to end up face to the wall! Remind yourself that you are not being punished and create your own view. Enrich the wall with elements that are useful (notice boards, blackboards, binders, etc.) but also inspire your work. Do you have a mantra that guides you? Print it out, frame it and hang it up! Is there a photo that reminds you of an important milestone in your life? Make room for it! If you don't have a clear idea of how you would like to organise this space, pop over to Pinterest and clear your head.

Here we are at the end of this short round-up of the 7 must-haves of a perfect home office, but depending on the type of work you do, there are many more!


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