Una vita da Smartworker: Scrivanie digitali e postazioni versatili

Life as a Smartworker: digital desks and versatile workstations

The spirit of the Smartworker is likely to be nomadic, so desk accessories have also to aim for a light and versatile style.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do", said Steve Jobs.
To get the best out of their work, more and more companies and individuals are choosing to get out of the office, rebalancing private and professional spaces with remote working.

The Smartworker persona has emerged more than ever with the pandemic revolution, evolving and transforming needs in terms of workstations - no matter whether it is a desk, the kitchen table or digital, in perpetual motion.
Come si stanno adattando gli accessori per uffici e studi?

Redesigned and digital Smartworker spaces

Postazione Smartworker con Mercurio Bordeaux

The Smartworker's space is populated by a few essential and well-calibrated elements. The key word is transformability: those who like this kind of work often change their environment, both inside and outside the home.

The spirit of the Smartworker is likely to be nomadic, projected towards places that can be offices, co-working areas, but also home spaces or temporary rooms.
Desk accessories must also respond to this mobility and desire for change, aiming at a style that makes lightness and versatility a stapl.

Zoom su Mercurio Bordeaux

The elegant, practical and adaptable design of the desk pad Mercurio is probably the most fitting item for this professional personality within the Eglooh range.

This accessory in regenerated leather can be easily moved from one workstation to another, maintaining an intrinsic stability thanks to its non-slip fabric. The natural and customisable colours make Mercurio the right ally to connect in any context, with finesse and comfort designed for digital Smartworking.

Smart working tools for a desk on the move!

Mercurio Bordeaux

Design has always been dedicated to meeting people's needs, changing over the years and modifying everyday objects, both work-related and personal.
In this golden age of Smartworking, work tools are no different.

With Eglooh, we are well aware of this and we want to take a step far beyond the Shop, thanks to product customisation and made-to-measure design.
nfinite smart possibilities, between selected materials and adaptable shapes!

Postazione Smartworking con Mercurio Bordeaux


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