Lo stile nostalgico per il Back to work: l’anima viaggiatrice dietro la scrivania

Back to work with a nostalgic style: the traveller's soul behind the desk

September with autumn just around the corner: a time to get back to work, but one in which it is easy to get lost in nostalgic thoughts, especially for travelling souls.

September, when autumn is just around the corner: time to get down to business!
Between live events, design weeks and appointments once again populating agendas, it's easy to get lost in nostalgic thoughts, especially for travelling souls.

According to a Chinese proverb, "The person who goes on a journey is not the same person who comes back".
So, Back to Work becomes an opportunity to get back to the desk and transform it with the wanderlust style encountered while travelling, plus a vintage, world-facing feel.
Let's imagine it with the personality expressions designed by Eglooh!

Stories and personalities travelling across the desk

Sottomano Calliope Bordeaux

Taking a seat behind a desk is an essential and necessary break for people who are used to constant travelling.
The traveller soul stays still for only a short time, yet it unmistakably characterises the place where it stops.

The workstation becomes a postcard setting, a moment to tell a story through every detail and accessory choice, among books, maps, travel tickets and memories collected in past adventures.
It is inevitable that a distinctively vintage, nostalgic and timeless style emerges from this personality, inspired by images from the far reaches of the world and the words of the most iconic writers.

Accessori neri su sottomano bordeaux

IThe accurate references to the traveller's experience deserve special emphasis, with the unmistakable structure of Calliope, featuring a bespoke burgundy red variant that perfectly matches a wooden desk.
A stable, pleasant deskpad that features hand-stitched seams as well as two items that complete it, such as the pen holder Orfeo and an exclusive valet tray Iris created for the occasion, so as not to lose any important documents or souvenirs.

A place for accessories, projects and returns: Back to desk with style!

Accessori da abbinare al sottomano Calliope Bordeaux

Although nostalgia seems to be getting the better of us, this time of year we can get inspired by it to redesign our desks!
Amongst returning projects, travel memories and accessories that emerge with their most interesting possibilities, this is the ideal opportunity to design your Back to Desk with Eglooh style.
Travel with us and take advantage of the special promo for this September, with the 15% discount code “#Back2Work”!

Zoom su sottamano Calliope bordeaux


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