Cambio stagione, cambio design! 5 spunti colorati per la Primavera 2021

New season, new design! 5 colorful ideas for Spring 2021!

As the seasons change and spring approaches, the desire for a different kind of style increases.

As the seasons change and spring approaches, the desire for a different kind of style increases. The wardrobes are cleared out of jumpers and filled with thinner clothes, while home and office environments begin a general overhaul, still reeling from the New Year's resolutions.

Therefore, let's roll up our sleeves and organise our living spaces in the best possible way, with a pinch of practical spirit and the desire to characterise them creatively: here are 5 tips and ideas collected by Eglooh, combining neatness, colour and design inspirations!

1. First things first: Declutter and clean up

Scrivania con post-it

Let’s make space and clean up before making any changes, as Marie Kondo, the Decluttering philosophy and many small family habits teach us!

Changing the look of your home or office requires this first fundamental step: it is easier to plan a new furniture and object layout if the spaces are empty, or at least reduced to the bare essentials.
This means we need to clean up everything we don't need, throwing away the useless items, reusing what can be reinvented or donated, or setting aside what can be saved for other seasons. Just a good, final wipe with disinfectant and a cloth, and we are ready to figure out how we can transform the furnishings and objects composition, while adding what is missing.

2. Get inspired by interior colours and trends

Palette colori 2021

Interior design in 2021 is all about contrasts: in the same rooms, we can find neutral tones with a natural feel as well as some bold, bright colours, such as the Pantone colours of the year.

Once you have cleared out your home and office of unnecessary items, clearing out shelves and wardrobes and lightening them where needed, the next step involves looking at current trends for creative colour inspiration.
his does not only give us some ideas regarding the current fashions, but also provides us with a good overview when it comes to refurbishing things, so that we can easily choose the right aesthetic pairings and apply the design in a practical way, without future surplus or waste.

3. Choose minimalist, yet creative furniture and accessories

Arredamento essenziale

After gathering all the inspirations that best suit our taste, as well as our personal and professional spaces, the time has come to start choosing!
From the furniture and objects we already have, we can give the rooms an essential interior design line, with some creative flair emerging.
A design armchair or a few well-placed paintings can be the colourful elements that add movement to the rooms, giving a sense of innovation and uniqueness.

At the same time, we can work with lighting accessories to completely change the look of a space, paying close attention to where we are going to change the light - offices or studies in the first place.

4. Bring a touch of green around the room

Studio organizzato

When spaces are better organised, there is always a way to add something extra.
Plants and flowers are an interesting ingredient for interior design compositions: they add a touch of green to the environment, giving a natural feel that goes well with neutral or pastel shades, as well as with stronger ones, if properly positioned in the decor.
Moreover, bringing nature inside your house or office and taking care of it has positive effects on your mood and health, providing aesthetic and visual balance, together with a general sense of well-being.

5. Express your personality through details

Orfeo Deluxe e Clio Deluxe

When it comes to personality through design, details are the most interesting and creative interpretative factor! An element of colour on an otherwise neutral object, a customised accessory with an inscription, an original piece of furniture that stands out in a minimalist composition: there are many approaches we can choose, depending on our flair.

At Eglooh, we love details and want to take care of them through all our products. The finished seams of deluxe items, in particular, are a discreet and creative expression of desk design, to which you can add an even further customisations.


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