2021, la tua pagina bianca: riconfigurare la scrivania con l’anno nuovo

2021, your blank page: reconfigure your desk space for the new year

After adjusting to the smartworking lifestyle, we realised that the spaces in our homes need more rearranging than we thought.

Every new year comes with new resolutions!
After adjusting to the smartworking lifestyle, we realised that the spaces in our homes need more rearranging than we thought.

So, how about seizing the blank page opened by the year 2021 to reorganise our desk and start writing a new work chapter?
Explore with Eglooh some useful hints and tools to give your desk a boost!

Order, productivity and resolutions: harmony in your workspace

Scrivania con Hermes Bianco

Redesigning the workspace is something we often put off, but is actually essential for daily organisation and productivity, as well as being aesthetically pleasing.
The relationship between tidiness, time optimisation and the execution of certain tasks is emphasised by many professionals, especially where work management is carried out more independently. A well-designed work surface, in line with the functionality and taste of the user, encourages efficiency, and conveys the harmony of the physical space in a clear mental order.

The same goes for the surrounding room and the objects placed around us: the neater the environment we create, the easier it is to worke.
But where do we start?

White, the colour of organisation and regeneration

Zoom su particolare di Hermes Bianco

A blank page represents a whole world of opportunities.
Although perceived as cold, white recalls, to all intents and purposes, something new and bright, giving us a sense of clarity and cleansing like few others.
The ideal approach, if we want to talk about new beginnings and proactivity!

The inspiration of this colour encourages us to keep things in order and helps us find the right balance, maintaining composure and elegance, yet with an eye on design trends.
As we move in the right direction in this new 2021, let's begin with a nice blank page, a paper sheet where we define our priorities and put down in black and white the characteristics of our ideal desk.
What should we have on hand? What tools do we use every day to work or study? Can I find something that might simplify the tasks, or do I have distractions that I need to remove?
Finding answers to these questions can help us understand how to arrange our workstation according to our needs, supported by desk sets designed to keep everything neatly in place and tools for better work, such as a nice desk pado!

Get a fresh start with the new White Hermes deskpad!

Sottomano da scrivania Hermes Bianco

If you wish to bring a fresh sense of style to your desk, Eglooh is ready to help.
Alongside the range of existing coloured products - from pencil cases and pen holders, to personalised desk pads - the year 2021 welcomes the arrival of a brand new White finish for the desk pad Hermes!

Explore the potential of this striking yet essential colour and revitalise your workspace!


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