Scrivanie creative: elementi distintivi e personalità a portata di mano

Creative desks: unique elements and personality at your fingertips

Colour shades, professional tools, sheets of paper, or a computer.

Colour shades, professional tools, sheets of paper, or a computer.
A desk can reveal a lot of characteristics about its user, whether they are distinctive design features or items strictly related to work.

The work or study desk is a place that hosts a part of our life, whether working or private, and consequently reflects one's style, in a more or less spontaneous way.

For this reason, we at Eglooh often imagine what character each desk pad will match, when customised and placed in diverse contexts.
A challenge of combinations and colours, to bring out different personalities, all to be explored.

Dynamic and trendy: the desk with an eclectic soul

Scrivania con sottomano, pc e cartella colori PANTONE

A Pantone palette to scroll through, a laptop waiting to delve into the latest project and the right materials to be inspired by.
Whoever sits at a desk so enriched with details must have a soul with an eclectic instinct and a profession always in creative motion.

The desk pad Urania, in its orange brown colour and tone-on-tone seaming detail, provides a touch of contrast to the cool hues of a screen and certainly goes well with the characteristic colours of the year 2021.
An eye-catcher that sets trends and puts the dynamic personality sitting in front of it at ease. The additional stability provided by the L-shaped profile in the lower edge adds an element of firmness that keeps the creative and energetic spirit anchored to reality, while letting its imagination run wild and dream of new perspectives above the desk surface.

A moment of calm and balance: the green reflective personality

Scrivania con sottomano nero e piante

A book to read, served with a cup of tea and a touch of nature at hand.
While on one side we have the eclectic restlessness, on the other we can find calmness with a balanced soul, which observes the world from a sustainable perspective - for the environment and for themselves.

The "green" personality experiences the workstation in a slow way, also using it for constructive and personal care moments, together with some plants and objects with an intrinsic circularity.
The desk pad Calliope placidly fits into this context, in its Deluxe version with a black base, from which emerges a subtle Blue seam - a symbol of reflexivity and intellect.

A personality that is eclectic, sustainable, or... just yours!

Sottomano Urania e Calliope a confronto

A creative and rebellious spirit, a quiet and environmentally aware soul, or a different kind of individuality?
Whatever personality you have, you can bring out the elements that make you different with your desk style, so that you always feel at ease!

Take the first step and choose a personalised deskpad: with Eglooh, you can wander between colours and shapes, or even request your own design!

Sottomano Calliope deluxe nero ambientato


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