L’eleganza del benessere: La trasformazione della Clínica Forcada a Madrid con lo Studio Laura Yerpes

Wellness elegance: The transformation of Clínica Forcada in Madrid with Estudio Laura Yerpes

The accessories of Eglooh were selected by Studio Laura Yerpes for an interior design project for Clínica Forcada in Madrid.
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In the heart of Madrid's luxurious Barrio Salamanca, Clínica Forcada stands as a symbol of excellence in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Recently, the clinic has undergone a transformation that goes beyond simple aesthetic renovation, thanks to the skillful hand of Estudio Laura Yerpes, which specialises in interior design projects that combine elegance, functionality and well-being.

In this context, Eglooh has been able to contribute by providing a selection of desk accessories with a distinctive cut that further enhance the environment, giving it a touch of refinement and professionalism

The setting: Clínica Forcada

Desk with Hermes Deskpad and Minerva pen holder

Located at 83 Velazquez Street, Clínica Forcada is among Madrid's leading plastic surgery centres, located in one of the most attractive urban areas of the Hispanic capital.

Founded by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Eduardo Forcada, the clinic stands out not only for the excellence of its medical services, but also for its focus on the overall well-being of its patients. Every detail of the interior design has been studied to create a welcoming and modern environment, reflecting the values of avant-garde, care and commitment that the clinic promotes.

The interior design project by Studio Laura Yerpes

Marble writing desk with Mercurio desk pad, pen holder and Minerva tray by Eglooh

Clínica Forcada's interior design project was entrusted to Estudio Laura Yerpes, known for its ability to transform ordinary spaces into unique experiences. Founded in 2005 in Valencia, the studio quickly established itself as one of the main references in the interior design sector in Spain, thanks to the innovative vision and attention to detail that characterise each project.

For Clínica Forcada, Laura Yerpes has conceived a space that combines brightness and colour to visually expand the rooms, using tones of white to connect the different details and finishes, through a palette of warm shades.
The result is a contemporary design that not only meets the clinic's functional requirements, but also conveys a feeling of welcome, elegance and modernity.

Within this framework, Eglooh has provided a selection of accessories in bonded leather that further enrich the spaces: from Calliope and Hermes desk pads, to Minerva pen holders and valet trays.

Enhancing spaces with Eglooh accessories

Desk with Hermes desk pad and Minerva pen holder

The involvement of Eglooh in the interior design project at Clínica Forcada showcased how quality accessories can make a difference in creating welcoming and professional environments. The desk pads, pen holders and valet trays provided are not only ornamental elements, but also tools that improve space functionality and organisation.

Choosing natural and burgundy colours has created a balance between soberness and vibrancy, reflecting the clinic's philosophy of combining tradition and innovation. These accessories, with their intrinsic elegance, contribute to an environment that promotes tranquillity and well-being, fundamental elements for a centre dedicated to personal care.

This collaboration with Estudio Laura Yerpes has led to the creation of spaces that not only meet practical and functional needs, but also elevate the aesthetic experience of patients and staff. The project proves how interior design can be a powerful ally in improving quality of life and communicating core values.

Eglooh takes pride in contributing to this outcome, confirming its commitment to offering products that combine beauty and utility, suitable for a wide variety of environments!

Desk with Hermes desk pad and Minerva pen holder


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