10 Anni di Design Eglooh, un traguardo da celebrare

10 Years of Eglooh Design, celebrating a milestone

June 2023 marks the first 10 years of Eglooh, an important milestone that leaves room for new perspectives on design, elegance, craftsmanship and Made in Italy.

Design, elegance, character. June 2023 marks the first 10 years since Eglooh was founded, an important milestone that leaves room for new perspectives.

Had someone asked us the dreaded question in 2013, "Where do you see yourself in a decade?", then we would have replied with the excitement of new beginnings, but also with the concerns of two friends about to venture into the world of design.
Reality has exceeded expectations and doubts, as this year we light the candle of Eglooh's 10th Anniversary, celebrating such a milestone in our own style!

Design, e-commerce and customization: 10 years of style by Eglooh

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A digital concept, a safe space to build a project focused on design. In 2013, the foundation of Eglooh rested on a desire to put ourselves out there and a name that was already a style statement.
Indeed, choosing "Eglooh" as the name of a new Brand represented the union between the "E" of E-commerce and the word "Igloo," the snowy homes that even in the coldest climates manage to provide security.
Yet to make everyday life original, one certainly did not need to end up at the North Pole. In fact, all it took was for two friends, Mauro & Mauro, to join forces, who in addition to their names had a passion in common.

The creative cue was as simple as challenging: bringing professional environments into a new dimension, through quality research and tailor-made service, with a distinctly Italian stylistic inspiration.
As a company, the goal was to provide functional and elegant furniture products, creating comfortable and welcoming spaces, but also keeping up with the transformations of the office world.


At an early stage, production focused on furniture complements in a broader sense, creating high-quality elements and embracing accessories from other designers as well. However, we realized that people, increasingly, would ask us for custom designs, specifically dedicated to desk pads.

What was initially a niche could become the company's real strength, and it did. Eglooh's design gradually became more and more focused on desk accessories, bolstered by the prestigious materials and their handcrafted handling.
The leitmotif was more than the type of product offered, but rather the way in which it was curated: the willingness to serve customers properly, the classy experience behind our objects, the functionality that met aesthetics and quality, the creative speed and tailor-made consultations.

The range of accessories has gradually expanded, heading precisely in the direction of accessories designed for desks, a winning intuition given the constant evolutions in how we work, amidst ever-changing offices and smart home spaces.

New products research and development
New products research and development

The combination of elegance and resistance that still characterises the products today is the offspring of this path, with a major turning point in the early 2020s, increasingly oriented toward customization.
From selecting fine materials, such as bonded leather, real leather, and metal, to paying attention to the market's needs, ten years later Eglooh is now presenting complete desk setups, with valet trays, pen cases, sets, mouse pads, and everything that can make workers' everyday lives easier.

This is the story behind every leather desk pad, or any other Eglooh product, that you welcome on your desk.
Each accessory synthesizes 10 years of experience, 10 years of challenges, values and designs, to give character to what is the professional world, with unique designs.

And what about the years to come? The goal is as essential as it is motivating:

“Our ambition is to reach the whole world with Eglooh, through the handcrafted lifestyle objects that we are most passionate about.”
Mauro & Mauro, Founders

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