Accessori per la scrivania e benessere: come il design influenza il tuo stato d’animo

Workstation accessories and well-being: the impact of design on your mood

Working in an environment that promotes physical and psychological well-being is essential: desk accessories can provide a crucial support.
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Interior design and health, both physical and mental: beyond productivity, desk accessories and workspaces.

Working in an environment that promotes mental well-being is essential for productivity and happiness in the workplace. The relationship between interior design and mental health is increasingly evident, with many companies favouring the creation of spaces where calm and concentration reign.

In this context, desk accessories, such as those envisioned by Eglooh, provide essential support. Get to know more about the importance of design in professional environments to create a truly serene working environment.

Wellness & Well-being, a key difference

Office Relax

When designing workspaces, it is important to distinguish between the concepts of wellness and well-being, which are often grouped together. When we speak of wellness, we are only focusing on physical health and lifestyle habits: a dimension that is certainly important, but one that does not involve all aspects of working life.

Well-being relates to the psychological and emotional sphere. The design accessories that you can choose with Eglooh not only support physical health with their ergonomic design, but also contribute to mental well-being through the use of high quality materials, selected colour finishes and attention to detail.

Interior design, psychological well-being and ergonomics

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Interior design is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also of well-being.

A pleasant and cosy environment can improve our mood, reduce stress and increase productivity. Desk accessories, for example, can be designed to harmonise with the overall style of the office, creating a visually balanced environment that promotes concentration.

Ergonomics also play a key role in design, considering that workspaces are inhabited for extended consecutive hours. Ergonomic furniture and accessories not only improve user comfort, but can also prevent health problems, muscle pain and visual fatigue.

Finally, colour choice is crucial in influencing our mood, throughout all the objects that populate our daily lives. Colour psychology teaches us that certain shades can have a direct impact on our emotions and stress levels. For example, blue is associated with calm and serenity, while green can promote relaxation and concentration.

Eglooh's range of accessories is carefully designed to ensure an optimal experience, combining comfort, colour and elegance to enhance mental well-being in the workplace.

Desk Set Atena Plus Sage Green

Details and design elements for a well-rounded well-being

When creating a work environment that promotes mental well-being, it is important to integrate design elements that promote relaxation and concentration.

Eglooh accessories are the creative solutions to organise the desk efficiently, reducing clutter and creating a tidy and relaxing environment. In addition, the use of neutral colours and natural materials can help create a calm and serene atmosphere that promotes concentration and creativity.

The importance of a working environment that supports mental well-being cannot be underestimated. For this reason, Eglooh's hand holders and office objects combine functionality and aesthetics, offering solutions tailored to the well-being of the individual, with an extra touch of quality. Get ready for the new arrivals, coming up in March!

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