Il potere del minimalismo: semplifica la tua scrivania con stile

The power of minimalism: simplify your desk with style

A minimalist desk promotes concentration and creativity: the accessories by Eglooh are designed with the aim of combining form and function.

In today's chaotic and hectic world, finding tranquillity and clarity can seem like an impossible challenge.

But what if we looked at how to improve the work experience and our well-being through what is in front of us, like our desk?

This is where the power of minimalism comes in: simplifying your desk with the right style can do wonders for your productivity and mood.

The benefits of minimalism in workspace design

Minimal workspace design

Using minimalism in workspace design is not just a matter of aesthetics. A minimalist desk can be as much a feast for the eyes as it is a refuge for the mind.

By reducing clutter on your desk, you get rid of potential distraction sources and create a space that encourages concentration and creativity. Imagine entering an office where every element is carefully placed and every surface is free of visual distractions: this is the essence of minimalism.

A minimalist desk not only makes it easy for you to find what you need, but also allows you to fully concentrate on the most important tasks. In addition, a tidy and clean workspace can also positively influence your mood and stress level, creating a serene and inviting environment that puts you in the right mindset to face the challenges of the day.

Embracing minimalist design, among trends, habits and desk accessories

Minimal Home Offide Space

Current trends in minimalist design, with particular regard to desk accessories, focus on functionality and elegance. People are increasingly looking for solutions that incorporate hidden storage features or cable management mechanisms to achieve a clean and uncluttered work surface.

To maintain a minimalist desk without compromising on style, therefore, it is essential to reduce clutter and keep only essential items, tidying them up at the end of the day and eliminating junk and dirt from the surface. This helps to resume work the next day with greater clarity and focus.

In addition to reducing the physical clutter, it is important to acquire some habits that lighten the digital clutter as well. Using task and communication management software can also help you reduce the flow of incoming information and properly archive desktop files, relieving your mind of distractions.

Eglooh's desk accessories are designed with the aim of combining shape and function, through minimalist design solutions that integrate seamlessly into your day with essential elegance.

Leather Desk Set Atena

A minimalist work style with the new Eglooh collection

Eglooh's new epic collection for 2024 offers the most exciting solutions for your minimalist transformation!

Among them, we find the Desk and Reception Sets, the Atena version in real leather and Minerva in bonded leather, an evolution from last year's designs. In fact, we wanted to compose this special set of accessories with the new pen tray, tray with lid, large tray and the classic tray. This set combines the refined aesthetics of minimalism with the practicality of impeccable organisation, ideal for bringing minimalism to the desk as well as to the reception areas of a company or business.

In addition, let yourself be captivated by the potential of the Desk Set Plus - a larger version for both Atena and Minerva, with an ensemble of design objects of all practicality and finesse: a tray, pen holder, document tray, tissue holder, post-it holder and business card holder.

Discover all the new arrivals in the collection and embrace essentiality with Eglooh!

Leather Reception Set Atena


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