Sensazioni di lusso: progettare uffici smart e raffinati

Luxury sensations: designing smart and refined offices

Workspaces are becoming increasingly smart and refined, in order to create calm professional environments and convey corporate values.

Furnishing a space with refined taste communicates a sense of unique creativity, whether at home, in the office, or even more in a community.

For exceptional environments, you need excellent design solutions. Workspaces and offices are becoming increasingly smart and refined, in line with the desire to create calm professional environments and convey the corporate values at first glance.
What better time to design workstations and desks with a refined design, thanks to Eglooh's style?

Contemporary offices and luxury sensations: Drumelia Real Estate

Drumelia Real Estate Office
(PH: Drumelia Real Estate)

The essence of a work environment increasingly reflects the values that the Brand behind it wants to convey.
From such inspiration, companies like Drumelia Real Estate (Marbella, ES) are encouraged to design offices with a refined, welcoming character and in step with trends.

This company offers luxury residences with an exclusive service, working one-on-one with the customer. We can find the same approach among the interior design choices for the Headquarters, full of bespoke furniture that expresses the style and elegance of the agency, supported by automation technologies that simplify the processes management in a discreet and impactful way.

Among energy efficient light points, highlighting the different angles and the green soul of the company, and workstations as essential as finely smart, these offices represent the perfect example of how it is possible to combine the identity of a brand, sustainable working paces and a truly fascinating visual impact.

Drumelia Real Estate Office

Facing the atmosphere of a buzzing luxury place such as Drumelia propels to seek a meticulous aesthetic care for every room or environment, whether meeting rooms or open space workstations.
Eglooh’s style comes into play exactly at this moment.

The practical aesthetics of bonded leather desk accessories is the most spontaneous choice in this context.
Indeed, this material is cared for right from its origin by Italian and European handicraft companies with extensive experience in its processing, making it a premium material in terms of both aesthetics and sustainability: the ideal combination to complete the scenario of an office geared towards luxury and sophisticated smart solutions.

Drumelia Real Estate Office
Drumelia Real Estate Office

On Drumelia's desks we find, for instance, the distinctive shapes of Talia deskpad and its L-shaped profile in Anthracite Grey, a colour that complements the natural wood tones on which it rests and the neutral shades of the room.
In addition to this Eglooh staple, the company also chose to add the new Minerva desk set, with its combination of tray, pen holder, document tray and business card holder, which meets the practical demands of workstations.

The desk configuration created with these accessories supports spaces with versatility, thanks to the care for details and the craftsmanship of the objects.
The minimalist yet elegant expression of Eglooh’s designer solutions is the most congenial choice for offices that aim to balance a refined, timeless identity with smart work habits of contemporary appeal.

Drumelia Real Estate Office


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