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A desk pad can make your desk special

The desk pad is the accessory that most conforms to the relationship between us and our desk, with that touch of elegance and refinement but also of customisation and comfort: what material do you choose?
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If a messy desk is a sign of a messy mind, what then will an empty desk be a sign of? We do not need Albert Einstein's acumen to realise that there is a correspondence between our mind and the space in which we brainstorm our ideas.

That is why it becomes imperative that the workplace, be it an office or a study, is welcoming, functional and well lit.

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The desk, in particular, plays an essential role: it is the cradle of our thoughts, the faithful companion of interminable work sessions, the dock where we dock when we feel pressurised and threatening deadlines weigh down on us. So why not make the most of this space? The proposals on the market for furnishing the desk are many and they aim to optimise space and speed up the work process, keeping everything we need within reach.

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And a desk pad could be the right solution for customising and organising the workstation in the best possible way. It is a useful and versatile accessory that will allow you to protect your desk top from scratches and bumps, giving it a neat and tidy look.

But what is a desk pad? The desk pad is one of those office furnishing accessories that you may not have thought of yet but which, once you discover it, will make you wonder: how have I lived without it? It is a rectangular-shaped accessory that is available in various materials and can fulfil various purposes.

In the 'table' version it protects and customises the work surface when, for example, documents need to be filled out or signed, while in the 'folder' version it can also contain useful material for carrying out one's work.

The choice of material is crucial as it must be in line with the overall decor of the room in which it will be placed. Leather, for example, is an evergreen and is the perfect option for a classic and elegant environment. A leather desk pad will give a vintage touch to the desk, making it both vintage and authoritative.

Faux leather, on the other hand, offers greater freedom of use as it is also perfectly suited to more modern contexts, especially if chosen in bright colours that will bring a breath of fresh air into the room.

If, on the other hand, one is looking for a more practical and economical solution, one can opt for a vinyl or plastic slipcover.

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f you are hesitant about what type of material to choose, we suggest regenerated leather, which combines charm, resistance and durability. However, there is no best or worst material: the advice is to let yourself be guided by your personal taste, always taking into account the overall style of the office and relying on well-known brands or brands that have earned a good reputation.

In addition, the added value of the desk pad is that you can also choose it in a more equipped version with a notepad, calendar for taking appointments and/or integrated USB ports to comfortably connect to your notebook or PC.

An additional idea would be to customise the cover of your desk pad with an engraving, screen printing or, advertising your business.

To conclude, we have focused your attention on an often ignored but incredibly useful accessory like the desk pad, showing you a brief overview of the most commonly used materials and advising you on your choice.

On Eglooh, an e-commerce specialising in office furniture, you will find a careful selection of desk pads that could include the right solution for your study or office.

Before you go though, don't forget to choose which material or model of desk pad you would like for your desk. Above all, do you find it a must-have accessory or are you a strong advocate of the nude look?


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