Christmas 2019: The gift ideas by Eglooh to write your best wishes

Are you lacking of Christmas gift ideas also this year? Before you give up, take a look at the "under the tree" ideas we've thought of for family celebrations!!

Rembrandt Red: the fountain pen for the "analog" grandfather

Penna Stilografica Visconti Rembrandt Rossa
Christmas Gift Ideas 2019: Fountain Pen Rembrandt Red by Visconti

For a man from another time, the perfect thought can only come from a faraway age. Giving to the grandfather a fountain pen to add to his collection will make him happy and if the pen in question is a miniature masterpiece, success is guaranteed.

The model Rembrandt by Visconti is a tribute to the resin "Chiaroscuro" tecnique chosen by the artist of the 17th century. It is this workmanship that makes each piece unique, with always different reflections.

This fountain pen is equipped with an indestructible and completely redesigned new mechanism, a steel nib with cartridge or converter filling and a cap with magnetic lock, that made simpler both the opening and closing system.

Ipsilon Quadra: a lucky pen, because the exams never end!

Penna a sfera Aurora - Ipsilon Quadra Nera
Christmas Gift Ideas 2019: Ballpoint Pen Ipsilon Quadra Black by Aurora

IIn every family, large or small, there is a brother or a cousin that have to take an important test just before the Christmas holidays. Well, this thought is for him: a lucky pen that will reduce the tension and give him the extra gear he needs.

The ballpoint pen Ipsilon Quadra by Aurora is characterized by its "cigar" shape, the shaped clip, the unmistakable Y-shaped clip and a cap made of fine 925 silver, with a refined checkered pattern.

It is equipped with a pressure mechanism, it uses standard or pressurized spare parts and is contained in an elegant eco-leather box, perfect for a classy gift.

Pen Space Pure Grey: perfect on dad's desk

Penna Pininfarina Segno Space Grigio Puro
Christmas Gift Ideas 2019: Pen Space Pure Grey Pininfarina Segno

Designed for writing in micro-gravity environments such as space stations, the pen Space by Pininfarina Segno is a functional and design element that will embellish the workstations of the most hard-working fathers. A gift as unexpected as it is welcome, because it allows to write without limits thanks to Ethergraf® technology that makes it "everlasting".

No effort, moreover, due to the extreme lightness of the barrel made of diecast magnesium. Immediately ready for use, the pen Space is accompanied by an ellipsoidal aluminium base for deep thoughts, with universal breath.

Pen Moka Chiaroscuro White for the sister or the vintage friend

Penna a sfera Moka Chiaroscuro Bianco - Giuliano Mazzuoli

Christmas Gift Ideas 2019: Ballpoint Pen Moka Chiaroscuro White by Giuliano Mazzuoli

Although she never leaves her smartphone and is surrounded by the most technological gadgets, has your sister or friend kept her passion for handwriting? Does she like the scent of printed paper and she usually spend a fortune in stationery? Perfect, a pen with a capital "P" to keep in the bag and show off if necessary would make her happy, even if she still does not know.

Very special in the "Chiaroscuro bianco" version, the ballpoint pen Moka by the designer Giuliano Mazzuoli is a jewel of craftsmanship, entirely Made in Florence. Made of high quality resin, it consists of 15 parts that are assembled with great care and passion.

The package also includes a string and a top made of cordura, that can be applied to the cap of the pen, in order to keep it around the neck and always at hand: what more could you want in times of high stress? Just a coffee.

Van Gogh Wheatfield: a colourful pen for moms who are always in a hurry

Penna a sfera Van Gogh Weatfield di Visconti
Christmas Gift Ideas 2019: Ballpoint Pen Van Gogh Wheatfield by Visconti

A mom's commitments are directly proportional to the weight of her bag and inversely proportional to her ability to find the things she looks for. So what happens if you need to write and the pen makes a matching with the lining? You will prefer to take a note on your smartphone, hoping to find it again maybe one day.

Giving the ballpoint pen Van Gogh Wheatfield by Visconti could prevent this, because its green and blue shades certainly do not go unnoticed. Inspired by one of the most representative paintings by the artist ("Wheatfield under Thunderclouds"), it has a rotating mechanism and an elegant gift box, with the picture faithfully reproduced.

Pen Cambiano for your aunt or uncle with head in the clouds

Penna Cambiano Cedro/Alluminio di Pininfarina
Christmas Gift Ideas 2019: Pen Cambiano Cedar/Aluminium by Pininfarina Segno

Another limitless pen like the desire to travel and experience of that uncle or aunt you see only at Christmas, because always around the world.

Cambiano by Pininfarina Segno will be a perfect gift both for its prestigious inspiration (the concept car Cambiano) and for the possibility of endless writing, without ink and without the need to recharge.

An elegant design made unique by the combination of a classic material such as wood and innovative material such as aluminium, also used in the special matching case.

We've shown you just a few models of the new pen collection by Eglooh: if you're thinking of choosing an evergreen like the "pen" for Christmas gifts 2019, we invite you to discover it all.

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