New lamps of 2019: discover the proposals by Eglooh

Trend lamps in 2019? The Eglooh catalogue has added new models with a unique design and Made in Italy, perfect for home and professional environments. Our collection stands out for its aesthetic beauty, high technical performance and last but not least, a long lifetime. Let's discover together the new lamps of 2019!

Lamp Peggy: double version, unique elegance

Lampada Peggy da tavolo e da terra
New lamps 2019: Lamp Peggy (floor or table) by Karboxx-Eglooh

Available in both floor and table versions, the lamp Peggy by Karboxx stands out for its sinuous lines of the lampshade made of natural jute or fibreglass. Perfect in environments with a contemporary style, it will tastefully furnish professional studios, living rooms and bedrooms.

Table Lamp Balance: a refined workplace

Lampada da tavolo Balance
Design Lamps 2019: Table Lamp Balance by Karboxx-Eglooh

The essential design, the elegance of the non-color (white or black) and the possibility of a double positioning (vertical and oblique) to better adapt to your needs of work / study, make it an essential element on the desk of students and professionals.

Table lamp with a contemporary style: there is only one Grace

Lampada da tavolo Grace
New lamps 2019: Table lamp Grace by Karboxx-Eglooh

The classic nature of the lampshade made of natural linen meets the innovation of Fabrixx technology, developed by Karboxx: the fabric is combined with glass fibres and covered with a special resin, which makes it light, resistant and easy to clean. The natural transparency of the linen allows the light to diffuse into the environment, creating an intimate and enveloping atmosphere. If you have chosen an audacious furniture, dictated more by personal taste than by the trends of the moment, know that your Grace lamp is a unique piece for light and reflections.

MiniStick: minimal and functional

Lampada Ministick da terra
Design Lamps 2019: Floor lamp Ministick by Karboxx - Eglooh

An essential design and the choice of versatile colours such as white and anthracite grey make the Karboxx floor lamp MiniStick suitable for any working environment. Perfect for making your workstation beautiful and functional, thanks to the possibility of adjusting the height of the structure to better point the ray of light.

Lamp Mirage for creative composition

Lampada a sospensione Mirage
New lamps 2019: Pendant lamp Mirage by Karboxx - Eglooh

Depending on where you look at it, the pendant lamp Mirage by Karboxx will look different to you. This is due to the galvanic process used to create the external finish, hypnotic in the available colours: chrome, copper, brass and glossy white. Its innovative design makes it suitable for classic and modern environments, both domestic and public, allowing you to play with the length of the cable to create suggestive compositions.

Floor lamp Drink: a toast to modernity!

Lampada da terra Drink
Design lamps 2019: Floor lamp Drink by Karboxx - Eglooh

The floor lamp Drink by Karboxx can be rotated to 360° and inclined to 15°. It stands out for its unusual conical shape, very similar to a long luminous flûte. Beautiful, light and resistant, it can be placed in any corner of the house or office..

Alalunga: flying with the imagination

Lampada da parete Alalunga
New lamps 2019: Wall lamp Alalunga by Karboxx - Eglooh

The wall lamp Alalunga by Karboxx is characterized by a modern and distinctive design, simple in its white version and more attractive in its bronze version. Embellish your rooms with a charming play of lights and shadows!!

Half Moon Mini: a vibrant and original design

Lampada da tavolo Half Moon Mini
Trend lamps 2019: Table lamp Half Moon Mini by Karboxx - Eglooh

A circular, original and elegant design characterizes Half Moon Mini by Karboxx. What makes it special is the chromatic contrast between the orange or purple of the internal and the external of the lampshade, made of carbon fiber. Think of it on the desk or on the bedside table of the bedroom to work or illuminate relaxing readings..

Afra against the boredom

Lampada a sospensione Afra
New lamps 2019: Lamp Afra (pendant - table) by Karboxx - Eglooh

SWhether pendant or table-top, the lamp Afra by Karboxx is equipped with a sphere-shaped diffuser which, thanks to a channeling, allows you to add a mesh cap, hand-woven to filter light in an ever-changing way. Studio, living room or bedroom? It's your choice. And if you're particularly impressed, you just have to discover it on our website in the even more particular version of a tabledesk lamp.

Now that you have a complete overview of the new 2019 lamps on Eglooh, all you have to do is to find your favourite model and use the code C43FC7D for a 10% discount on your new design lamp!