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A Colour for every Style: find yours, discover Posh Collection by Eglooh

A Colour for every Style: find yours, discover Posh Collection by Eglooh

We have already talked about​​​​​​​  how to renovate your desk without replacing it, also explaining why a desk pad is the perfect gift for the men of the family (and not just for them). What we needed was to surprise you. How? For instance, creating a Limited Edition of the most popular models, Calliope and Hermes, that could adapt to your work and style demands. So the Posh Collection is finally online, ready to be discovered and tryed!

'Posh' in the name and in the  intent, this collection is designed to give to you an exclusive and high-level work station, thanks to the refined raw materials, the craftsmanship of the Made in Italy handmade and the sophisticated shades of colour. If you would like the detail that distinguishes you from others (at work as in life) continue reading and maybe you'll be able to find it. Which is the Posh colour that best suits to your job? Let's find out together!

Sage Green Desk Pad for the Worker Under Pressure


It is the ideal desk pad if your work requires a lot of Zen Power, because this colour has the ability to relax and calm your mind instantly. The solid steel structure and the curved profile of Calliope make it a strong and stress-proof "friend". You could choose it in three dimensions that can be adapted to different needs of space and relaxation. Recommended anti-stress technique? Have fun passing your finger on the sartorial stichings, but be careful not to count them or a little snooze is guaranteed.

Eggplant Violet Desk Pad for work to lose your head


It is the design detail you were looking for your studio if ... yours is a "head job", which requires long thought and / or data processing. This shade of color will facilitate your concentration but will inevitably attract the envying looks of colleagues and customers. Be careful during the lunch break, it could disappear mysteriously.

Electric Blue Desk Pad: Adapt with Style


This shade is perfect for the professional with suit and tie, thanks to the elegance of the shape and the energetic charge of the color. The curved profile of Calliope will save shirts and sweaters from the disrepair ot the "jagged edge of old desks". With Hermes at the meeting table, business meetings will seem shorter and more acceptable.

Ocher Yellow Desk Pad for Inspired Compositions


Are you a creative? This is the perfect colour for you! For your brilliant ideas you will need all the positive charge of yellow. The magnetic effect on the brightest intuition is ensured. Are you a home worker? Even better! This simple detail will be enough to change the look of your study corner, turning it into an original work station.

We have come to the end of this brief introduction to​​​​​​​ Posh Collection by Eglooh, which includes not only Calliope and Hermes desk pads but also the​​​​​​​ Coordinated Mouse Pads.

Green Sage, Eggplant Violet, Electric Blue and Ocher Yellow are the shades proposed exclusively for this Limited Edition​​​​​​​.

Each of them seemed to suggest a different style of work, but who knows if a freelancer will choose Sage Green or an employee the Ocher Yellow! When it comes to express one's personality, there are no limits to style or colour. Which of these do you feel closer to you and your work? Let us know with a comment!

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