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Modern and Design Kitchen? Discover our Musthave!

Cucina Moderna e di Design? Scopri i nostri Musthave!

In a Modern Kitchen Design Furniture, Accessories and Gadgets cannot miss. With the correct details the whole environment will have a more decisive and personal appearance, but how to choose the right elements? We've collected for you those who, in our opinion, are the Musthave of a Modern Kitchen. Let's find out together!


Design Stool

Sgabelli di design con base in legno e sedute in tessuto Photo Credits: Pinterest


It's an essential element in a Modern Kitchen, because it helps to give it character and personality. Obviously, if you haven't any peninsula it will be a bit difficult to introduce it, but you can replace it with some Design Chairs, as useful for the purpose. These chairs combine aesthetics and functionality: with their lightness and small sizes are an excellent solution for tiny spaces. The only recommendation is to test its comfort, because some models doesn't guarantee it. Generally, you just have to choose those with padding and / or a small back.


Design Rug

Tappeto di design con cesti Photo Credits Eglooh- Rug Cezanne


Modern Kitchen doesn't mean an empty and impersonal space: it's important to "fill it" with few but correct accessories. Certainly one of these is a Design Rug, that haven't to weigh down the entire environment with colours and patterns, but enrich it delicately..


Design Wine Rack

Cantinetta di design realizzata con un telaio in ferro con bottiglie di vino appoggiate Photo Credits Pinterest


Here's a way to always have the right bottle at the right time! With a Design Wine Rack, any excuse will be good for a nice toast. Putting it in sight will give a touch of style to your Modern Kitchen, but above all you'll always know when it's time to "refuel”.


Painting Blackboard

Lavagna da cucina con vaschette contenenti erbe aromatiche Photo Credits Pinterest


The possible uses of Painting Blackboard in the Kitchen are many. You can use it in the most classic way, as a bulletin board where you can pin important things or paint a wall and destine it to a particular use, like the collection / display of aromatic herbs. If you like it so much, you can use it to repaint an old piece of furniture or the refrigerator. Do you want another idea? Choose a magnetic paint, so you can satisfy your fancy with photo & co.


Design Trashcan

Pattumiera multi scomparto a forma di uovo Photo Credits Pinterest


Not all of us could have a maxi kitchen in which to organize the recycling. And here's a Design Trashcan that combines functionality and aesthetics, for an effective and elegant garbage collection.


Design Lamp

tre lampade sospese colorate Photo Credits Eglooh - Suspended Lamp Add


Which Modern Kitchen would be without a Design Lamp? Whether you have a dining table or a central hob, the suspended lamps are a Musthave to which you shouldn't give up.


Design Appliances

Tostapane a forma di VolksWagen Caddy Photo Credits Pinterest


Home Design Appliances, especially those that you use most often, should have a special place in your kitchen! You will notice that there are Kettles, Toasters, Espresso Coffee Machines with a nice and original look, just look for them.


Design Dishes

Serie di piatti appesi alle pareti con immagini colorate Photo Credits Pinterest - Donna Wilson


If you are thinking that Decorative Dishes belongs to the "grandma's house", you will have to change your idea. This old trend is coming back thanks to the work of young designers able to create Design Dishes that seem not to be old-fashioned. The effect is so particular that using them only on the table would be a shame! Look for the most suitable style for your kitchen and when you've found it, you can also hang proudly these little works of art.


Tiles Mania

Cucina con piastrelle con molteplici disegni geometrici in bianco e nero Photo Credits Pinterest


In a Modern Kitchen the choice of the Tiles shouldn't be ignored. You can opt for the classic White Bricks with Total White effect or follow the ​​​​​​​ Furniture Trends 2018 and choose Cementine for walls, floors and / or coverings.


Design Kitchen Utensils

​​ sale e pepe a forma di baccetta magica, rotella taglia pizza a forma di bicicletta,infusore di te a forma di omino e temperino per le verdure. Photo Credits Pinterest


Never as in this case the details are important. Imagine that you have to organize a dinner in your super, fantastic Modern Kitchen and you put a classic Salt and Pepper set on the table. Nothing to complain but ... wouldn't be better to continue amazing your guests with Design Gadgets? From Vegetables Sharpener to Bike Pizza Cutter, these small objects give a smile and take care of the sadness. Let?


​​​​​​​We've come to the end of this rundown of  the Musthave for a Modern Kitchen. Among Furnishings, Accessories and various Gadgets, we have tried to give you some interesting ideas to make your home even more original. Are you going to follow someone? Do you have others to suggest? Let's talk about! And if you haven't already done, Subscribe to our Newsletter, so as not to miss the news and promotions of Eglooh!

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