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2018 Furniture Trends: 10 Tips for a Top Home!

Tendenze Arredamento 2018: la Top 10 per una Casa al Top

Your home doesn't deserve to remain always the same: renovate it, following the 2018 Furniture Trends! We've collected the most interesting fashions: now it's up to you to choose whether to follow them all or select only a few, let's start?

1. The 2018 Colour is Ultra Violet

Sedie Ultra Violet attorno ad un tavolo di legno Ph Credits: via Pinterest

The quiet greenery of last year has been replaced by a bright and decisive tone: the Ultra Violet Pantone 18-3838. Born from the encounter of red and blue, this colour infuses originality, leads to reflection and helps to unlock creativity. Over time it has been charged with a mystical value, because it's able to mitigate the spirit in a time of chaos.

Violet furnishings and accessories help to create an harmonious and balanced atmosphere, removing anxiety and stress. Ultra Violet adapts both to modern and classic furniture, could manifest in the choice of small items of furniture and upholstery or could become the main character of a wall, for a great theater effect!

2. Velvet is hidden in the Details

Cuscini di tendenza in velluto con turchese su sgabello in legno Ph Credits: H&M via Pinterest

In 2018 the velvet comes back to be used for upholstery and seating that will give to your room an elegant and luxurious air. The colours to be preferred are the most intense ones such as burgundy and petroleum blue (as in the picture), but also the green and gray will have a "royal" look.

3. Green Design

Sedia di design verde su tappeto green Ph Credits: via Pinterest

"If man doesn't go to the nature, nature goes to the man". And flowers and plants fill all the rooms of the house with vitality and energy. Usually already present in the garden and on the balcony (even as a small vegetable garden), invade the living room and studio, stimulating good mood and facilitating concentration.

4. The Spring at Home: Flowers, better if Oversize

Divani in stile nordico con cara da parati con fiorni grandi Ph via Pinterest

If you love flowers & co, the floral theme will be one of those 2018 Furniture Trends that will make you happier! Indeed, you have ample space for manoeuvre: you can use it for the upholstery of sofas or armchairs, or choose custom cushions or a wallpaper with a flower decoration, better if oversized. The final result will be very similar to a small Eden at home, and with a few moves you will have created an energetic and lively atmosphere.

5. The "O" Factor: the Magic of the Gold and of the Brass

tavolo in marmo e sedie con profilo e dettagli oro e ottone Ph Credits: via Pinterest

The 2018 Furniture Trends suggest more and more sophisticated environments, in which Gold and Brass details can't be missing. Beautiful also the "gold rose", that has made its way in 2017 and comes back as protagonist also in 2018.

Choose these materials for a chandelier or a table lamp, but also for bathroom and kitchen faucets. Renovate your furniture with "precious" handles and knobs, use mirrors with antique frames and place them strategically in the most "congested" spaces of the house.

6. The Bathroom looks Vintage and the Shower Stall? It has the Wallpaper!

Doccia verde con carta da parati vedere a fiori Ph Credits: via Pinterest

Forget the super-modern bathrooms, with polished tiles and custom-made furniture. The 2018 Furniture Trends recall a Vintage Bathroom, made of simple furnishings without giving up the comfort.

The innovation is represented by the Shower Stall covered with Wallpaper, a special variant that is water-repellent and resistant to moisture. Think of it in a savannah fantasy, joined together with a tropical shower ... you'll feel like you're in a SPA and not at home!

7. Optical Style between Graphics and Geometry

Rug Rousseau with geometric drawings Eglooh: Rousseau, tappeto d’ispirazione geometrica

The Optycal Style confirms its trend again this year, conquering walls, floors, textiles, lamps and small furnishings with appealing geometric patterns and hypnotic graphics.

8. Industrial Chic Style and Vintage Style: why choose? them?

Stanza arredata con stile industriale Ph Credits: via Pinterest

Among the 2018 Furniture Trends there are the industrial style, the vintage one and a hybrid, which is a mix of the two. If you love creative recycling, you can create industrial-chic projects, to be combined with unique pieces with a vintage taste.

Recycled furniture will stand out even more in rooms "fired up" by the presence of bricks and rough wood. Iron and metal, on the other hand, should be used moderately by choosing, for instance, small objects and design lamps.

9. Hunting for “Cementine”

cucina con piastrelle cementine Ph Credits: Designmag via Pienterest

One of the most interesting 2018 Furniture Trends is the return of the "Cementine", recycled tiles, which are a tribute to diversity. You can use them to cover the walls of the kitchen or bathroom, to customize the table top or in the floors, perhaps matching them with wooden planks.

10. Marble Tables

Cucina tutta bianca con tavolo in marmo Ph Credits: via Pinterest

The marble finds a place in the kitchen, characterizing the table tops with its delicate nuances. A timeless material, which can be revisited in a modern way, transforming itself into a practical peninsula. 

Here we are at the end of this overview of 2018 Furniture Trends: which one tempts you and which one would you never use? Let us know with a comment!

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