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One for all, all for one! Here is the new footstool collection by Eglooh

Eglooh's new line of footstools has a royal look, to be defended at any cost! Athos, Porthos, Aramis and of course ... D'Artagnan will think about it! No, we're not talking about the king's musketeers, but about the "brave" pouffes we're going to introduce you.

The cube footstool (rigid) Athos

Soggiorno con divano tavolino e pouf

Athos is one of those furnishing accessories that you would like to receive as a gift, because no matter what style your home is, you will always find a place to insert it. Light and compact, this cube pouf can be transformed into an extra seat or a practical lounge footstool. While in the bedroom, it fits successfully with desks and toilets.

And what about the fabric? As well as his companions, Athos is equipped with a stain-resistant, breathable and water-repellent upholstery which, if necessary, can be completely removed and washed. The double sartorial stitching characterizes both the classic and the plus version, embellished with a contrasting decorative piping. For the color variants, we invite you to consult our site (have we told you that it has a new look?) in the section dedicated to the pouf.

The cube footstool (soft) D’Artagnan

salotto con pouf morbido rosa e divano grigio

The hectic pace of everyday life requires comfortable and enveloping seating, just like the D'Artagnan soft pouf. Its simple elegance makes it a must for home and work contexts. Imagine welcoming your customers with such small armchairs: waiting times will not be a problem!

Ideal for creating small, relaxing corners in the home as in the office, D'Artagnan is available in the plus version, with a contrasting decorative piping. The internal core made of polystyrene microspheres is upholstered with a practical stain-resistant, breathable and water-repellent fabric (completely removable). Beige, Blue, Pink and Gray (Light or Anthracite): which will be the best color for you and the style of your home? Find out by browsing through the pages of our website!

Porthos: the round footstool (soft)

salotto con tavolino in legno e pouf Porthos in tessuto grigio

Despite its more "relaxed" form, Porthos has nothing to envy to his companions! Its round and enveloping profile seduces and conquers at first look. It's the soft pouf you'd like to find in your friends' living room during a long chat, the ideal footrest for the TV series marathons or the rest-all of your bedroom!

Porthos is available in the plus version with a contrasting decorative piping and is equipped with a removable, stain-proof, breathable and water-repellent coating. What do you want more? Discover all the colors of our collection by visiting pouf section of Eglooh.

Aramis: the round footstool (rigid)

salotto con pouf rotondo aramis in tessuto blu con divano sullo sfondo

Finally, here is the Aramis round pouf. Last, certainly not for style and elegance. Light, practical and versatile: this piece of furniture is suitable for both the living room and the bedroom. Perfect next to the sofa as a practical footrest, but also as a seat for the bedroom console table, where it will create a romantic and old-fashioned atmosphere.

As well as his companions is equipped with a prodigious upholstering and is proposed in two versions: classic and plus. Discover the full range of colors on our website and be surprised by the presence of shades designed to satisfy both men and women.

Well, the pleasantries are over. We have formally introduced you to our new collection of footstool: Athos, Porthos, D'Artagnan and Aramis are waiting for you at the court of r .. no, sorry. They are waiting for you on the pages of Eglooh! Run to know them better and do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive a special discount on your first purchase.

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