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Eglooh's staff wishes you a Happy Christmas and a Fantastic 2018!

In 2015, "the year zero" of Eglooh, we didn't imagine the satisfactions that this adventure would have given us. That's why we take advantage of the upcoming holidays to wish you well, but above all to say thank you for the trust and appreciation shown towards products that we feel as much ours as "yours".

2017: the polyglot Eglooh becomes a father

End of year is time for budgets and that of 2017 is more than positive. We need only think that in the homes and offices of Europe, USA and the Far East there is a "piece" of us and the effort made to get here. Yes, Eglooh speaks many languages: yours too.

And what about the "birth" of Bedecò? The new brand designed for ecodreamers has been received with amazement and enthusiasm, embracing those customers who want to respect the environment without giving up design. The collaboration with Bruga (Andrea Brugnera) designer of cardboard furniture has led to the creation of an exclusive collection for bedrooms for both adults and children.

Headboards, bedside tables and accessories with eco-sustainable design have inspired the ecostories, short stories that come to life in the original watercolors of Kapsi (Giuseppe Longo) cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer. We are very satisfied with the direction taken by the project and we have already in mind some news for the future: stay tuned!

2018: password? "New"

2017 is coming to an end and 2018 is going to start with a lot of news: new web-site graphic design, new collaborations and new challenges for the future!

Eglooh's Santa Claus has decided to give you a new layout, which will make the browsing experience easier and more fun. We are waiting for feedback, because we will continue to work on it to further refine it.

The good intentions for the new year are many:
- we will insert new products, with a focus on those made by local artisans, offering visibility and an international window to their creations;
- we will give even more space to the personalization of products, meeting what you like best;
- we will involve young designers in the design of new articles, dedicating them a special section of our site;
- we will work to create an increasingly present customer service able to turn into a real consultancy, with the possibility to receive free quotes and personalized offers.

We will do our best to bring them to an end, but to do that we also need your contribution. Continue to follow us, here's how!

The streets of Eglooh are (in) finite

The official residence of Eglooh is our e-commerce with the blog where you are reading this article, but there are also other channels through which you can reach us. Find us on the blue social page in our Official Facebook Page and on Instagram as @eglooh_design.
We are also present on Etsy, eBay and Amazon, but why buy elsewhere if we have just renovated "our home"?

Finally, there is a way to stay up to date on products, news and offers: subscribe to our Newsletter! Doing it is free and will give you an immediate discount to spend on your first purchase.

What to say? We hope you enjoy the new graphic look and can be one more reason to go over here: we are waiting for you!
We wish you again a Happy Christmas and a Fantastic 2018 ... to the next year with Eglooh (and Bedecò).

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