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Nordic Design: how to furnish a Scandinavian-style home

Winter is still far away but the desire to take refuge in the home begins to be felt. So what better way to create a warm and welcoming environment than to furnish a Nordic style home? Continue reading to find out what the basic rules and must-haves of Scandinavian design are!


Nordic decor: origins and philosophy

Tavolo con sedie​​​​​​​Scandinavian Design: Inspirations - ©Pinterest

The roots of the Nordic style sink into the cold land of Northern Europe, an important detail to fully understand the philosophy. This type of furniture, in fact, not only reflects the lifestyle of the Nordic peoples but has the same birthplace as some of the greatest designers in history such as Arne Jacobsen, of whom you probably know the Egg Chair or the Finnish master Alvar Aalto, who in the design of the furniture has always sought balance, intended both as a harmony between man and nature and as a function of the chosen elements.

"Less is more" is the imperative to the base of the Scandinavian furnishing, that although it has affinities with the minimal style is more welcoming and warm. Think if you live in a place where it is almost always dark and you feel cold all day, would you like to go home in a chic or bright, comfortable and relaxing nest? And here that shine, functionality, sobriety, warmth and natural mood are the key concepts to keep in mind if you choose the Nordic design for your home.

Scandinavian style: shapes and colors for a full of light

lampada appesaNordic Design: Lamp ADD Karboxx - Eglooh

In Scandinavian design, lighting and color selection are used to recreate natural light and the warmth of the sun, both rare in northern winters. In Italy the situation is different, which is why this style is revisited in a Mediterranean way. The light is still a key element, so it must be strategically distributed. For example, for those difficult-to-illuminate corners, lanterns and candles can be used, which will contribute to creating an intimate and enveloping atmosphere.

The predominant color is white, used for the walls but also for the finishes of bathrooms and kitchens. To dampen the North Pole effect, it can be combined with the natural colors of wood such as birch, ash, oak, walnut and larch, (perfect both for parquet and furnishings and accessories) and delicate shades such as cream white, cream yellow, light blue sky, pink, beige, gray and green (to be chosen for cushions, blankets, poufs and walls). Also black, red and blue can be combined with white. The former often recurs in the choice of frames and frames, while the latter can be used in moderation, for example in the choice of small design objects.

mensola a muroScandinavian Design: Trunk Bedside Table - ©Pinterest

The Scandinavian style has a strong ecological vocation, which is reflected in the choice of decorative elements inspired by nature in all its forms. The whole furniture is conceived as a reasoned set of clean and essential shapes to be distributed in blocks and this is true both for the colors and for the furniture. Contrary to what one would expect the geometry of the furniture does not translate into a series of points and edges, but recalls the perfect harmony of nature with pure and rounded shapes.

Materials and fabrics in the Nordic style

tavolo in legno massiccioScandinavian Design: Wooden Table - Eglooh​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Scandinavian furniture favors natural materials and fabrics, leaving ample space for the use of wood for the realization of furniture and accessories such as tables, chairs, armchairs and lamps. In order not to weigh down the environment, the favorite shades are the clearest, flanked by the latest trend: bare wood.

In the perfect Scandinavian house there are also rugs and carpets of wool, essential to make the environment warm and welcoming. Other popular materials are leather, linen and cotton, while the patterns and geometric patterns of curtains and cushions are inspired by nature. Without exaggeration, the walls can be enriched with wall stickers, while accessories are welcome in the kitchen with an original design.

The must-have of the Scandinavian style

tappeto intrecciatoScandinavian style: Jago Rug - Eglooh​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Nordic design can count on large, luminous spaces, where furnishings and accessories are highlighted. Sobriety, functionality and attention to detail are accompanied by high quality standards, with particular attention to the manufacturing processes. Scandinavian furniture is traditionally robust and durable, so that it lasts over time, but also comfortable.

Armchairs and sofas, for example, should invite to absolute relaxation. In a Scandinavian style home you can not miss: parquet, wooden and / or colored lamps, a fireplace, comfortable seating, soft blankets, warm carpets, design accessories, floral arrangements and candles. Do you really want to overdo it? Then cut out a space to be devoted solely to relaxation!

angolo relaxScandinavian home: Relax corner ideas - ©Pinterest

This type of furniture is ideal if you are looking for a sober, elegant but not cold style. Let yourself be tempted by our proposals and take a leap into the deep North: what did you like best and what would you change? Leave us a comment and let's talk a little bit!

From the land of the northern lights and the midnight sun it is all and if you enjoyed this short Nordic style excursion do not hesitate to subscribe to our Newsletter!

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