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Creative recycling: how to decorate your home with pallets


If your passion is DIY, the idea of ​​creating furniture with pallets can only tempt you. Be careful, however, behind what would seem to be child's play a universe is hidden, of which you should know the rules and this is where we go down in the field.

In this article, we will guide you to discover the magic "pallet-verso", suggesting where to find the pallets, how to work them and giving you some ideas for your creative recycling projects.

What is a pallet?

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Let's start from the beginning: why are they called pallets? First of all, because it would take an eternity to say 'load pallet' in full, the international version sounds much better..

Pallets are also known as footboards, boards or pallets and serve as support surfaces for industrial materials intended for storage or transport.

Where to find the pallets: online purchase

Once we have clarified what we are dealing with, let's talk about the available budget. If you can afford a small investment, we advise you to purchase the pallets online. Just do a simple search on sites like eBay, Amazon or post an ad on portals like Subito and Kijiji.

To be more comfortable about the origin and the treatments suffered by the pallets, you can also rely on specialized sites in construction and woodworking such as Leroy Merlin. In the latter case with less than 15 euros, you will buy a safe, already clean and smooth platform.

Free pallets for the do-it-yourself: yes, but pay attention to the origin

The pallets can be recovered free of charge, for example by contacting trusted persons working in transport or in the wood sector. If you do not have useful knowledge for the purpose, you can always ask the supermarkets or take a reconnaissance tour in an industrial area. Often, companies do not know how to get rid of them, so you could even do them a favor!

In all these cases, you will need to make sure that the pallet carries the initials HT (High Temperature) as evidence of a high temperature processing process and not MB (Methyl Bromide) indicating a type of harmful treatment, as well as prohibited in EU since 2010. In addition, if the pallet is recovery always informed about the previous use.

How to work the pallets: cleaning, treatment and manufacturer's kit

verniciatura a legno

After checking the provenance of the pallet, you will need to make it suitable for your DIY furniture projects. You'll need: a pair of work glasses, rubber gloves, a sponge, denatured alcohol, bleach or vinegar, a sandpaper and a pressure water pump.

 1. First wash and dry the pallet, then with gloves and glasses disinfect the entire surface with a mix of water and vinegar (or bleach).
 2. After a couple of hours start to sand and when finished you will disinfect everything with a sponge soaked in alcohol.
 3. After cleaning, apply a primer and paint specifically for the intended use (internal or external).

Finally we are there, the pallet is ready to be worked! The need varies depending on the project chosen but in general these are the items that you will have to remedy: a saw, a hacksaw, a level, a hammer, one or more pliers, glue, screws and nails.

10 ideas for decorating with pallets

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One of the reasons why pallets are among the most requested recovery materials for do-it-yourself is their extreme versatility. Depending on your needs, you can create an ad hoc recovery furniture. Not sure where to start? Do not worry, we searched Pinterest for projects with more original pallets. Here is a roundup of the best: let yourself be inspired!

arredamento con bancali​​​​​​​ arredamento con bancali​​​​​​​ arredamento con bancali​​​​​​​

We have come to the end of this mini guide to furnishing with pallets, we have seen what they are, where to find them or buy them, how to clean them and work them. If you have chosen to make a sofa or a small armchair with pallets, for example, on our e-shop you will find perfect cushions as a final touch, while tables and desks can be made even more original by our selection of table lamps and carpets.

Which project will you become a master of do-it-yourself? Let us know in a comment and if you have not already done so, subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on special offers and promotions.

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