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Industrial Design: how to decorate with the industrial style


Who is that madman who would like to feel at home as in the factory? If you think that industrial furniture is a kind of punishment, we are going to lighten up your ideas. Let us start with the wonders of industrial design!

Industrial style: what is it, where does it come from?

Contemporary and at the same time vintage, the industrial style is inspired by the design that translates the flash of genius into a finished product. Its origins date back to 1455, when Johannes Gutenberg invented the movable type printing, marking the birth of the serial object, standardized and reproducible on a large scale.

Revolutionary England served as a sounding board, transforming the way of living the house and its spaces. The recovery of old factories and abandoned warehouses gave rise to a new type of home: functional, elegant, comfortable and with a low environmental impact.

The tendency to adapt the old to the new is still conserved in the vintage trend of industrial design, which draws on recycled material from shacks of tools and industrial areas.

In the New York of the '50s and' 60s it became a real must, just think of the Andy Warhol Factory: a meeting point for artists of the time.

Industrial furniture: the tricks to avoid mistakes!

cassettiera in metallo verde ©Pinterest -

A style that manages to transform a disused warehouse into a luxury home, can not but have enormous potential, just know how to exploit it. Industrial design is perfect for furnishing large spaces and lofts, but it can also be adapted to more collected environments

Industrial furniture is first of all robust and functional, characterized by elegant geometries with clean and essential lines. Often, the supporting structure is left "bare" with visible welds and bolts. Their grunge charm makes them versatile and able to adapt to different furnishing contexts. Let's see together how to mix them for a respectable industrial home.

Industrial Design: colors and lights

lampada sospesa©Eglooh - Lampada a sospensione Pylon

To furnish your home in an industrial style, you will have to choose rustic colors and create a sort of continuity between walls, floors, furnishings and accessories. The exposed bricks are a classic of this style, especially when combined with concrete or wood floors.

The leather and the shades of beige and brown blend well with armchairs and sofas, while for tables and chairs the shades to be preferred are those of wood and metal.

With regard to lighting, ceiling lamps are a must-have of industrial style. You can choose a lamp with a vintage design for a "nostalgia" or contemporary effect, opening up to modernity!

Furniture in industrial style: the right materials

tavolo legno grezzo con incrocio a x©Eglooh - Table Travo

Bare wood and rough concrete are the materials that best embody the industrial style, perfect in their being "working in progress". For sofas and chairs we suggest you choose leather and real leather or, if you want a softer effect, the linen.

If DIY does not scare you, you can try your hand at creative recycling of pallets and concrete blocks. The possible projects are many and you can claim the paternity of a single piece!

Furniture and accessories in industrial style: which one to choose?

tavolo legno grezzo con incrocio a x©Eglooh - Pouf Helios

Go-ahead to sofas, armchairs, leather poufs, better if accompanied by one or more absolutely sober rustic rugs. Remember that "industrial" does not mean "serious" and "sad": color is not forbidden, even accents of red (crimson) and yellow will be perfect to create pleasing contrast games.

Throughout the house you can not miss objects with a refined design and if you have chosen a vintage industrial style: living-looking furniture and metal plates on the walls. In the kitchen, you can think of inserting a nostalgic-looking fridge and creating a special corner with blackboard painting.

Furnishing with industrial style is not that difficult, is it? We have referred to its origins and provided some general guidelines but, as always, the last word is up to you!

Do you like Industrial Design and which mood do you prefer between modern and vintage? Let us know in a comment! Remember: on Eglooh there is already some article that could inspire you, but to avoid missing the news coming soon, we suggest you subscribe to the Newsletter!

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