Strumenti da lavoro

Eglooh's customers can give vent to their creativity to create exclusive and unmistakable objects
The possibility to customise items to the last detail makes each Eglooh's creation a truly unique object.
Our staff will provide the experience gained over the years and the in-depth knowledge of raw materials and manufacturing processes, to create with the clients the perfect product, able to meet all their needs.

Eglooh does not fix any particular limit to the customisation of its products: indeed it allows modifying the shape, the size, the color and the stitchings.
It also offers the possibility of engraving or embossing company logos or initials.
Following the guidelines provided by the customers, our professionals realise renderings and technical drawings that allow the clients to preview the final result.
Then the new products will come to life from the skillful hands of our artisans: with the passion and dedication that distinguish them, they will create exclusive objects, able to satisfy all the requested requirements.

Customised shape and size to the centimeter

metri da sarto

Do you have a desk with a particular size or shape?
Do you need a desk pad for the reception desk?
Eglooh gives you the opportunity to decide the shape and the size of the desk pad.
With the CUSTOM program, Eglooh creates articles custom-made to the centimetre to meet all the customers' needs.

Customised stitchings

Pattino della macchina da cucire

Do you want a detail that recalls the colors of your company logo or the furniture of your office?
Do you need a product with the colors of your favourite team?
In order to guarantee the uniqueness of the tailor-made products, it is possible to choose the color, the thickness and the position of the stitchings.

Customised engravings or embossings

If you want to make your meeting room unique or create a gadget for your employees and customers, you can engrave or emboss your logo on a lot of Eglooh's products.

Laser engraving

Incisione al laser su cuoio

With the laser technique there is the possibility of engraving of initials, texts or company logos.

Heat embossing

Impressione a caldo su cuoio

With the use of brass stamps it is possible to emboss your company logos.