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Have you got any doubts or questions to submit? Before contacting us, look here for the answer!
We have collected and organised the frequently asked questions (FAQ) for you.


Web Surfing

  1. I have some technical problems on the website, what shall I do?
    We work every day to let you surf without any problems, so if you have difficulties don’t hesitate to contact us.
    Before doing it, however, check if the operating system you use (smartphone, tablet, notebook, etc) is regularly updated.
    If the problem continues, write an e-mail to info@eglooh.com, and attach an eventual screenshot of the error. We will answer as soon as possible.



  1. I have just subscribe to the Newsletter. How shall I use the Discount Coupon on my First Order?
    Check your e-mail box! After welcoming you on Eglooh, we have provided you with a reserved discount code.
    You can type it in the box “Discount Code” that will appear during the Check out step, after inserting the delivery data and selecting the type of payment. Once applied, the amount will be displayed, which a 10% discount will be subtracted to, and you will be able to proceed with the payment.

  2. I don’t want to receive your Newsletter anymore.
    What a pity! Unsubscribing from our Mailing List is really easy, you may find the link for your unsubscribing at the bottom of each of our e-mails. If you missed it, you find it here. Before going away, if you want, please let us know the reason of your decision.

  3. I have changed the e-mail, with which I subscribe to the Newsletter.
    Don’t worry, we won’t fall out of touch. You may find the link to update your data at the bottom of each of our e-mails. Is it annoying to look for it? Here it is!


Orders and Shipments

  1. I ordered an article, but I haven’t received it yet.
    The delivery date of the article is written in the relative product page. The transport times must be added:
    - from 1 up to 3 days for the Express Courier;
    - from 3 up to 5 days for bulky goods (ex. Beds).
    Are we still late? Please, point it out per Live Chat, E-mail (customercare@eglooh.com) or Telephone (Customer Care:: +39 320 6922008).

  2. My parcel has been missed.
    On delivering, we sent you a Tracking Code of the Courier to track your order. If you have some problems or incongruity, please contact us and we will soon do something to solve the situation. (Live Chat, customercare@eglooh.com , +39 320 6922008).

  3. My article arrived damaged.
    Contact Us and we will give you all the instructions to return the non-compliant item.
    For the next times: if on delivery you notice alterations, visible damages or any other type of anomaly (e.g. the number of the packages doesn’t correspond), please write a complaint to the operator who is arranging the delivery. Please, write on the delivery note the caption: "ACCEPTED WITH RESERVATIONS FOR TRANSPORT DAMAGES” followed by the description of the inaccuracies.

  4. In which cases may I render the ordered article and at which price?
    You have 14 days from the receipt of the article to render it. To do it, please contact us and specify the return request. Except for the goods returned because damaged, the delivery costs will be at your charge. The return of the goods may be carried out by using any courier. Alternatively you may ask us for the pick-up of the goods, with the expenses, which will be communicated to you in advance.
    Remember that the personalised products won’t be rendered, except in case of eventual mistakes made by the Eglooh staff.



  1. Are the Eglooh Products 100% made in Italy?
    Yes, they are! Eglooh supports the craftsmen and the local factories and we cooperate with them to offer you good and completely “Made in Italy” products!

  2. I have seen a Product on Eglooh, that I would like to buy and give as a present. Is it possible?
    For sure! Select the choice “this order is a gift” that appears during the Check-Out step. You may complete it with a personalized message and it will be our care not to insert in the parcel the receipt with the prize (you alone will get it).

  3. What does it mean that a product may be customized?
    It's important for us, that you have a unique product, for this reason many products can be modified on the basis of your taste and/or needs. The customization is generally about measures, materials, colours and finishing. But this is not everything: we even offer the possibility to realize articles with your logo.

  4. I’m interested in a customizable article. As I would like to get more information, who shall I address to?
    You could address to the Customer Service. Our team replies to Live Chat, E-Mails and on the Phone. You will find all the references in the section Eglooh’s Customer care.


Payments and Benefits

  1. Which methods of payment are available on Eglooh?
    Eglooh accepts the following methods of payment: Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer or Cash on Delivery. For further information, visit the section Secure payments.

  2. I have just paid an article, when will the amount be charged?
    At the confirmation of the order, if you use PayPal or the Credit Card.

  3. The payment with my Credit Card has been rejected and/or not authorised.
    First of all, we remind you that the failed authorisation doesn’t imply any charge. There may be many reasons, why the payment has failed and they may not depend on you.
    - Check if you have put in the data correctly (number, expiry date).
    - Check if there is enough credit to make the purchase and that the amount of the order doesn’t exceed the expense-limit.
    - Ask your bank for its policies regarding the online purchasing.
    If the problem lasts, contact our Customer care.

  4. How and when shall I ask for the invoice?
    Ask for it when you check out, by selecting the option “I need invoice” and  put in the data of your VAT.

  5. Shall I use the Furniture Bonus for the purchases on Eglooh?
    Yes, obviously. Keep in touch with our Customer care and we will supply you with all the details. For further information about the Bonus, we send you back to the following link.



  1. SI’m an influencer or a designer and I would like to apply for a collaboration.
    We are curious to know what you are about to purpose us!
    If you are a designer, write at the following address: designer@eglooh.com;
    while if you are an influencer, the reference address is marketing@eglooh.com.

  2. I’m a retailer and I would be interested in your products.
    Don’t hesitate to contact us at the addres sales@eglooh.com and we will consider together the terms of a possible relationship.

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