Cambia look al tuo desk con un sottomano per scrivania di Eglooh
Eglooh Style

Change the look of your desk with an Eglooh desk pad

Is the place where you work like your temple? Don't let it fall to ruin! Protect your desk with Eglooh desk pad!
Speciale Home Office: i 7 must-have dell’ufficio in casa
How To

Home Office Special: The 7 must-haves of the home office

More and more professionals are choosing to economise and work from home: are you one of them? Then don't miss our tips on how to furnish a home office!
Un sottomano può rendere speciale la tua scrivania
Eglooh Style

A desk pad can make your desk special

The desk pad is the accessory that most conforms to the relationship between us and our desk, with that touch of elegance and refinement but also of customisation and comfort: what material do you ...


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