Design, colori e accessori: i trend per lo stile del 2023

Design, colours and accessories: the style trends of 2023

The trends of 2023 are already inhabiting every design area and emphasise a blend of 90s minimalism, a sense of permanence, and a strong focus on people and the environment.
Il design innanzitutto: spazi di stile, tra tendenze Pantone e scrivanie

All about design: stylish spaces, Pantone trends and desks

Style is the first element to stand out on a desk: the desk pads and accessories by Eglooh focus on care for details and stylistic research.
Questione di ambiente: spazi, luci e tecnologia a misura di persona

A matter of space: room, light and technology made for people

According to Designer Robert L. Peters, "Design creates culture, culture shapes values, values determine the future."
Cambio stagione, cambio design! 5 spunti colorati per la Primavera 2021

New season, new design! 5 colorful ideas for Spring 2021!

As the seasons change and spring approaches, the desire for a different kind of style increases.
Stile e personalità nel design d'ufficio: tra tendenze e grandi classici

Office design with style and personality: trends and great classics

After a long wait, 2021 welcomes among Eglooh's offers Gemini, the foldable desk pad designed to store papers and documents.
Design da scrivania: 10 must-have tra Cancelleria & Co

Desk design: 10 musthave between Stationery & Co

We have collected 10 Musthave of Design for your Desk, and we will manage to get your smile. Let's find out them together!


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