Come creare una postazione di lavoro davvero smart: tra tecnologia e accessori di lusso
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How to create a truly smart workstation: mixing technology and luxury accessories

The desk is the hub of productivity and creativity: discover how to create a truly smart workstation with the accessories by Eglooh.
Dalla pelle al metallo: come prendersi cura dei tuoi accessori prima delle Ferie estive
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From leather to metal: Taking care of your accessories before the summer holidays

How to take care of and preserve the beauty of your Eglooh accessories made of leather and metal over time? Here are some useful tips.
Come scegliere il sottomano giusto per la tua scrivania
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How to choose the right desk pad for your desk

The desk pad is a complement that can give a touch of personality to your desk.But how do you choose the right one for your needs?
Sottomani da scrivania: accessori che completano l’arredo di uffici, studi e sale riunioni
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Desk pads: accessories that complete the furnishing of offices, studios and meeting rooms

The desk pad is an accessory able to decorate the furniture of offices, studios and meeting rooms, giving a touch of elegance to those places where we spend most of our day.
Materiali sottomano: sai davvero su cosa ti poggi?
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Desk pad materials: do you really know what are you touching?

Whether you already have a desk pad or you are thinking of buying one, you would like to know on what depend the price differences between the various items on the market. Essentially two factors d...
Come organizzare la scrivania secondo il Feng Shui
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How to Organize your Desk according to Feng Shui

When you would like to work better, any help is welcome and if this came from Feng Shui​​​​​​​? Organizing your desk could be very fun! Let's try to understand together what it is and how...
Speciale Home Office: i 7 must-have dell’ufficio in casa
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Home Office Special: The 7 must-haves of the home office

More and more professionals are choosing to economise and work from home: are you one of them? Then don't miss our tips on how to furnish a home office!


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