Desk with deskpad talia
Eglooh Style

Steady and elegant: a professional desk for the medical practice

The desk of a medical practice must convey confidence and expertise: for this reason simplicity and elegance become the guidelines in the choice of the desk pad and accessories.
Angoli di lavoro alternativi: Scrivanie dallo Stile Boho-Hipster
Eglooh Style

Alternative workspaces: desks with a Boho-Hipster style

Eglooh accessories explore the right way to bring out the Bohemian style in the workspace, with references to the past and elements that are as much Hipster as alternative.
Organize like a pro: una scrivania sistemata alla Marie Kondo
Eglooh Style

Organize like a pro: a Konmari style desk setup

The Professional Organisers stand out, in all their personality, in their office, where the folding desk pad by Eglooh is the ideal solution for a tidy desk.
Una vita da Smartworker: Scrivanie digitali e postazioni versatili
Eglooh Style

Life as a Smartworker: digital desks and versatile workstations

The spirit of the Smartworker is likely to be nomadic, so desk accessories have also to aim for a light and versatile style.
Lo stile nostalgico per il Back to work: l’anima viaggiatrice dietro la scrivania
Eglooh Style

Back to work with a nostalgic style: the traveller's soul behind the desk

September with autumn just around the corner: a time to get back to work, but one in which it is easy to get lost in nostalgic thoughts, especially for travelling souls.
Ready, set, desk! Spazi a prova di gaming e tecnologia
Eglooh Style

Ready, set, desk! Gaming and technology-proof spaces

The time between August and September is one of the busiest for tech and gaming events.
Identità aziendale nel design dell'ufficio: il caso studio di ProForLex
Eglooh Style

Business Identity through Office design: ProForLex, a Case History

The identity of a company is revealed through its presentation, ready to emerge even in the design details of a meeting room: this is the founding belief of Eglooh's consultancy.
Scrivanie creative: elementi distintivi e personalità a portata di mano
Eglooh Style

Creative desks: unique elements and personality at your fingertips

Colour shades, professional tools, sheets of paper, or a computer.
2021, la tua pagina bianca: riconfigurare la scrivania con l’anno nuovo
Eglooh Style

2021, your blank page: reconfigure your desk space for the new year

After adjusting to the smartworking lifestyle, we realised that the spaces in our homes need more rearranging than we thought.
Sottomano scrivania personalizzato: praticità e stile per il tuo ufficio
Eglooh Style

Customised desk pad: practicality and style for your office

A customised desk pad is the ideal choice for professionals who spend most of their working day sitting at their desk and want an accessory that fits into their daily routine and adapts to the avai...
Ufficio in casa: 10 idee per piccole postazioni di lavoro
Eglooh Style

Home office: 10 ideas for small workstations

When we talk about Home Office, you may be running out of space but not of inspirations. For this reason we have selected for you 10 Ideas for Small Workstations, which have nothing to envy to the ...
Cambia look al tuo desk con un sottomano per scrivania di Eglooh
Eglooh Style

Change the look of your desk with an Eglooh desk pad

Is the place where you work like your temple? Don't let it fall to ruin! Protect your desk with Eglooh desk pad!


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