Stile e personalità nel design d'ufficio: tra tendenze e grandi classici

Office design with style and personality: trends and great classics

After a long wait, 2021 welcomes among Eglooh's offers Gemini, the foldable desk pad designed to store papers and documents.

Trends and timeless objects coexist in every space.
When we talk about design, whether for an office or at home, we are aware that we must always seek a balance between choices that respond to daily needs and the right amount of personality, influenced by contemporary style.

Indeed, trends, by definition, change according to the years, reinterpreting some great classics with a touch of aesthetic innovation.
Various proposals for 2021 are making their way into interior design: from the organic materiality of wood to the ever-changing fluidity of contexts; from predominantly neutral and minimal shades to the disruptive contrast of the Pantone Colors of the Year.

Illuminating & Ultimate Grey: Pantone trends, in a 2021 of stability and hope

Colori Pantone 2021

The color selection Pantone's Color Institute makes from year to year is undoubtedly one of the biggest influences on color applications. The selection takes into account a whole range of factors, gathered by analyzing data from around the world: fashion and entertainment trends, socio-economic conditions and top travel destinations, technologies and materials.

The announcement of the famous "Color of the Year", which takes place in December each year, impacts multi-sector products, furniture and industrial design development.
After the events of 2020, Pantone chose not one, but two colors for this 2021, namely Illuminating - a vibrant shade of yellow, full of character and hope - and Ultimate Grey - the stability and reliability that last over time.

A combination made up of contrasts and balances, which brings into play an interesting palette for interior spaces and for the products that inhabit them, also inspiring shapes and objects that are both timeless and innovative.

Color and practicality to reimagine Office classicism

Zoom su particolare di Gemini Grigio

The most interesting opportunity of new trends is the chance to see classic products in a new guise, understanding which design styles resist through time.

Of course, among the accessories for the office, there are desk pads, ranging from the immediate and elegant ones to the most original items, with shapes that mould themselves according to the surfaces on which they will be placed.

One of the most requested formats by order-loving professionals is definitely the folding one. After a long wait, 2021 welcomes among Eglooh's offers Gemini, the foldable desk pad designed to store papers and documents. A high quality product, in regenerated leather on the outside and with a fabric lining on the inside, pleasant to the touch.

Gemini's finishings and customization possibilities are the modern touch in a classic-looking product that never gets old. The Anthracite version, a Grey tone that recalls Pantone colors, easily lends itself to reconfigure the desk layout for a trendsetting impact, whether you imagine pairing it with a matching cases set Helios, or choose a pen holder Zefiro yellow, for a creative contrast.

Interpret the trends with Gemini, a timeless desk pad

Gemini Grigio Antracite

Gemini is the latest addition to Eglooh's family, a functional, classic piece that adapts stylishly to contemporary trends.

Our first folding desk pad in regenerated leather is available in a variety of the most popular finishes. A neutral and concrete base, to be enriched with matching accessories or to be personalized in a creative way.


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