Classici senza tempo: la raffinatezza della vera pelle per la scrivania

Timeless classics: the sophistication of real leather on your desk

Real leather is the ultimate office staple. Between executive desks, fine accessories and handcrafted processes, this raw material is reinterpreted over time, becoming a truly timeless classic.

Real leather is the ultimate office staple. Between executive desks, fine accessories and handcrafted processes, this raw material is reinterpreted over time, becoming a truly timeless classic.

It is a known fact by now that here, at Eglooh, we love all the materials used for our accessories, especially since great attention is paid to their origin and processing care. Real leather and, on the other hand, bonded leather are two complementary lines, similar in design and different in substance.

But what is so special about genuine leather and why is it an interesting finish for workspaces?

Real leather, the handcrafted material for design workmanship

Deskpad Palladio Green

Leather tanning is an ancient tradition, apparently originating as far back as prehistoric times, but it certainly found its most typical expression in the workshops of Tuscan master craftsmen.
Since that time, Italian leather craftsmanship has been handed down for generations, pursuing innovative visions while preserving traditional techniques, which transform natural leather while paying close attention to the natural world at their origin.

The resulting product is a refined and durable material, smooth to the touch on one side and rugged on the other. The history of real leather runs alongside that of materials such as wood and wool, which over the centuries have determined the manufacture of furniture, clothing and accessories, characterising structures and upholstery within homes even before working environments.

Real leather rolls

The prominence of real leather in desk accessories and in work environments overall echoes the care placed in its workmanship, the exquisite feel it conveys, and, last but not least, its versatility of application.

The allure and design potential of this material combines with the supply chain approach we pursue at Eglooh.
Indeed, the production cycle keeps in mind the quality and impact of real leather on the local area, making the accessories refined with it as aesthetically as essentially appreciable.

We source our real leather from European cow cattle, an array of carefully chosen origin locations. Secondly, the leather is processed in Italy with the care and skill of specialized tanneries, identified according to demanding quality criteria, such as expertise and the ability to minimize environmental impact. The transparency of this process makes it possible to ensure the highest quality in the product, which is both elegant and locally conscious.

Deskpad Palladio Green

The shapes that the real leather finishes take, among the Eglooh collections, are designed to emphasize the beauty of this material, for both a visual and tactile feel.

The predominant accessories are, of course, the Desk pads such as Palladio, which features square shapes and matching perimeter stitching, found in various sizes and in the Mouse Pad version. The comfort of the pleasant-feeling real leather surface is further enhanced by the sartorial details and customization possibilities, which we also find in the Adamantis desk pad - with its unmistakable L-shaped profile.

The fine raw material is reflected in the combination with the complete real leather Desk Sets, in particular with the exterior finishes of the Atena Set, from the Valet Tray to the Pen Holder, from the Paper Tray to the more discreet Card Holder.
A unique stylistic combination that welcomes some of Eglooh's new colours, such as blue and green, refined and professional.

Leather Desk Set Atena

Therefore, choosing real leather means bringing a truly unique elegance, a timeless and ever-renewing prestige to the desk space.

How would you interpret it, in your everyday life?

Leather Deskpad Adamantis


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