Identità aziendale nel design dell'ufficio: il caso studio di ProForLex

Business Identity through Office design: ProForLex, a Case History

The identity of a company is revealed through its presentation, ready to emerge even in the design details of a meeting room: this is the founding belief of Eglooh's consultancy.

The identity of a company emerges through its presentation, ready to show up even in the design details of a meeting room.
This belief is the basis of Eglooh's consulting services, a solution that allows tailor-made projects for companies and offices.

However, what is the starting point of a project and how is each customer guided in the creation of desk pads and office accessories in line with their style?
In this regard, we would like to share the Case history of ProForLex, a multi-professional Studio based in Palermo that combines legal, accounting and real estate departments.

Tailor-made consulting and Italian character: the project designed for ProForLex

Tavolo sala riunioni in vetro

The client's requirement was clear from the outset.
"In order to adequately furnish the meeting rooms of our Studio," the managers of ProForLex explain, "we needed to complete the furnishings with leather deskpads, and while searching for Italian companies that are masters of these products, we found Eglooh."

The original idea was to find an Italian and artisanal product, with a set of desk pads, document folders and pen holders.
The challenge came both in finding a colour outside Eglooh's standard range and in finding the most appropriate size, in proportion to the tables and stations.

The first consulting step was therefore to request photographs of the meeting room, an image of the company logo and the exact measurements of the tables and the space required.

Disegno tecnico tavolo sala riunioni

Given the size of the tables, ProForLex wanted to maintain a minimalist and clean design line, but without sacrificing an original element of its own, by affixing the logo.
Once we had gathered intentions, measurements and visual information, we moved on to the technical drawings, which were divided into two complete proposals, to summarise the proportions of the table and products at a glance.

Proposta Eglooh per ProForLex

From the initial idea of creating separate folders and pads, we came up with a very special alternative to optimise space. A convertible desk pad, which can also become a folder thanks to a practical fold on the long half.

As this was a completely new product, Eglooh created an exclusive prototype for ProForLex, which had the opportunity to examine the proposal and imagine it in its own context.
At the same time, a selection of shades was recommended and the extended colour palette was sent to ProForLex in order to evaluate the most suitable colour for the room environment.
Mazzetta colori e sottomano pieghevole Eglooh

Finally, in order to obtain a folding pad that truly reflects the company's identity, without compromising on elegance, we suggested using the heat embossing technique for the logo, instead of the initially requested print. The logo was processed in vector graphics and used to create the customised punch.

An all-round creative consultancy experience, which brought the Eglooh team and ProForLex managers together in active dialogue.

"The staff were quick and efficient in responding to our requests. - ProForLex commented - The realisation took some time, because the product was created especially for us, but it was worth the wait. We are very satisfied, the products are super versatile, easily washable and very stylish. They go perfectly with the environment!"

Let yourself be captivated by the creative possibilities of Eglooh's Made in Italy and find with us the most suitable solution for your company.

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