Dalla pelle al metallo: come prendersi cura dei tuoi accessori prima delle Ferie estive

From leather to metal: Taking care of your accessories before the summer holidays

How to take care of and preserve the beauty of your Eglooh accessories made of leather and metal over time? Here are some useful tips.
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As summer gets on, so does the holiday feeling. How to take care of our real leather, bonded leather and metal accessories before closing the office doors for a well-deserved break?

The unique and sophisticated design of Eglooh is based on a careful selection of materials, handcrafted and carefully sourced. But how do we maintain the high quality of our accessories over time, especially in daily usage?
To let ourselves relax during the holiday time, it is always a good idea to tidy up our workstation and clean the desk pads, sets and surfaces, so that we have a clean view and, above all, we will find our daily objects as good as new when we have to go back to work.

So, here are some tips for taking care of materials such as real leather, bonded leather and metal!

How to maintain Real Leather, Bonded Leather and Metal desk pads and accessories

Bonded Leather and metal accessories

Depending on which material prevails among the design accessories on our desk, a different kind of care is needed.

Let's start with Real Leather, a prestigious element found in various desktops and objects. This is a material of natural origin and is especially sensitive to light, high temperatures, humidity and water.
It is therefore necessary to be careful about how you handle it on a daily basis, for example by avoiding laying hot drinks on it, wetting the real leather surface, or leaving it in direct sunlight for too long - especially in the summer heat!
Should the real leather get in contact with fluids, it should be wiped dry immediately with a smooth, soft cloth, without exposing it to the sun or near heat sources.

So how should this delicate material be cleaned?
A damp cloth should be used to wipe the surface thoroughly. If there are stains, dirt or small marks, you can use a cotton ball soaked in a small amount of cleansing milk or products such as cleansing butter designed especially for real leather.
Certainly, we advise against the use of aggressive solvents, from alcohol to alkaline acids, as well as oils, degreasers, abrasive cleaners, furniture polish, paint or ammonia. In short, any chemical agents should be avoided, even if they are intended for delicate surfaces.

Leather care products

Bonded leather is less delicate, but still requires certain care. Like real leather, to keep it in perfect condition, exposure to high temperatures, direct sunlight and sources of heat in general, which could alter its condition, must be avoided.
For this reason, even when the bonded leather product needs cleaning, it is best to prefer a damp cloth and, for heavier dirt, detergent milk, while alcohol-based solvents, alkaline acids and those of chemical derivation in general are absolutely to be avoided.

Metal, on the other hand, is more resilient - this material has recently been integrated into Eglooh's accessory collections.
To preserve the industrial beauty of coated metal, we always recommend using a thread-free cloth, slightly moistened with soap and water.
When cleaning, if the surface is affected by particularly persistent stains and marks, we recommend using degreasing detergents that are neither corrosive nor abrasive. It is important to remember that most metal accessories designed by Eglooh also include genuine leather or bonded leather bottoms, so caution should be taken to ensure that these parts do not get in contact with the cleaning agents used for other parts of the object.

Bonded Leather Accessories

The materials used by Eglooh are designed to last and withstand daily stress, but a little care is always helpful and ensures that the desk pads and accessories always look as good as new.
What design objects will inspire you before leaving for summer holidays?
We suggest a nice set in real leather and metal, featuring neutral and light tones such as dove grey.

Real Leather Desk Pads and accessories


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