About us

Behind Eglooh there is a story about two friends, who have exactly the same name: Mauro & Mauro. It’s not just the name linking them; but primarily the passion for two different but close worlds: design and web.
This passion allowed us to create Eglooh, an online project that offers unique and original ideas and solutions.
We chose this name because the igloo gives the perfect idea of security and protection we want to instill: both through the quality of our products, either through the will to take care of our customers looking for the the best possible solution.
But it's not end.
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Why Eglooh?

The Igloo is a symbol which represents small housing, designed to become strong over time, as they are built.
This project has been done by small steps, but each step has been considered and allowed us to build a complete, secure and successful e-commerce, in all respects.
There are three main values that we carry through Eglooh:

The passion as a motivation.
The determination as a tool.
The customer satisfaction as a goal.